If I had to pick one phrase to describe the Gucci Secret GG Satchel, it would be “exceedingly grown-up.” Make no mistake about it – this bag is for a grown woman and it means business.

As much as I’m an unrepentant Alexander McQueen fangirl in almost every way imaginable, I’m still not really feeling the Alexander McQueen Biker Faithful Satchel. The more I look at it, the more I think that’s probably because it doesn’t really look anything like what we’ve come to expect from the brilliant McQueen.

The PurseBlog team will be taking tomorrow off to spend Thanksgiving with our families, so barring any purse-related breaking news, y’all are on your own Turkey Day. It seems to me, though, that our separate celebrations shouldn’t mean that we can’t share with each other about the things that make us thankful.

Is anyone else seeing an Hermes Bolide when they look at the Dolce & Gabbana Miss Brigette Dome Satchel? I definitely am.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing, since the Bolide is an elegant bag choice in its own right.

Well, first, it has to be said. Taylor Momsen is approximately 16 years old, and this look is perhaps a tad old for her. She could probably be wearing things that are slightly longer, and eye makeup that’s slightly less…well, just slightly less.

So, how do we all feel about calf hair? Until I saw the Yves Saint Laurent Calf Hair Majorelle Bag, I hadn’t considered the material in quite a while, but now it has me thinking.

Despite my recent love affair with all things Yves Saint Laurent, this bag is coming off as quite clunky to me, and I think that the blame lies with the fuzzy material.

Sometimes we all just want a handbag that gets the job done. A beautiful, well-crafted, practical handbag. Today we can walk into any major department store and when you walk by the handbag department you will be bombarded with hundreds of different bags, some adorned with bobbles, jingles, sequins, hardware, and other extras.

After a week of traveling it is good to be home. Travel that involves friends and family (like my trip) is absolutely wonderful.

Yet, as I was standing in the various lines at various airports, I couldn’t help but realize that I wish I was carrying a slightly bigger and more durable bag.

The Donna Karan Crinkled Leather Satchel has been sitting in the New Arrivals section of Saks.com for a while now, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to say about it, if anything.

I’ve been critical of Karan’s bags in the past – many of them seem to be overpriced and under designed.

One company that appears to be paying absolutely no attention to fall trends is Versace. And why would we expect them to? They pay no attention to good taste or reasonable pricing standards, so this is about par for the course.

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