Sonia Rykiel Chou Chou Frame BagPart of Sonia Rykiel‘s charm is that her stuff is a little weird. A little quirky. A little eccentric. The company does its own thing, marches to the beat of its own drummer, and makes its own rules. Their aesthetic is unique and all theirs.

Nevermind. I’m not in a particularly charitable mood. The Sonia Rykiel Chou-Chou Frame Bag is just kinda odd looking, and maybe a bit 90s. I’m generally okay with the amount and color of the hardware – silver studs are cool and experiencing a resurgence. There’s a lot of them, but the bag is small, so whatever. I can get on board with that. What is bothering me is the balance and proportion of the bag. It consists of two kisslock compartments, one significantly larger than the other. The top handle attaches to each section on one end…but it’s not centered. So you’ve got a lopsided bag with no centralization to the body, and then also a handle that’s attached farther to one side than the other. I know that it was done intentionally, but it just isn’t visually appealing in the least and it’s…awkward. Awkward is the word I’m looking for. I think I’ll pass. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1530.

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  • Cindy

    Fug Ugly.

  • fuchsiafury

    It is not unusual for Sonia Rykiel to test the outer limits of fashion’s orbit. But this is an unfortunate case of a Bedazzler project that has ruined perfectly good leather! She ought to limit her rive gauche flair to unique sweaters and knits and take a cue from Burberry’s warrior line of studs done right.

  • renee

    Maybe you’re supposed to use it to divide your silver coins from the pennies?

  • poodle

    very strange…there is nothing cute about it, and it looks useless…

  • Beth

    It looks so unbalanced! I actually don’t mind the aggressive studding, but I don’t like the lopsidedness.

  • spanish moss

    amanda, when you called this, this thing awkward, you nailed it. having studied japanese flower arranging, i appreciate asymmetry. this is not asymmetrical, however. just awkward.

  • Pursegrrl

    I’ll swim upstream here….I kinda like it! I won’t shell out that kind of $$ for it but kudos for SR taking a bold risk.

  • Merve

    I like the bold risk too. I always appreciate Sonia’s wacky sense of style but the second smaller compartment looks like it was added on as an afterthought. Bit lopsided.

  • Aisha

    Utterly HIDEOUS!

  • Sinful Dresses

    Party goers! Run for your life. :D