NOTE: Now available at ShopBop! Shop before it sells out!

It’s here, it’s here, IT’S HERE!!!! The Alexander Wang Coco Duffel has decided to finally, FINALLY grace us with its presence in online stores after months of rabid anticipation from handbag enthusiasts. The bag first came to our attention months and months ago when one of its first iterations was worn repeatedly by Mary-Kate Olsen, who had obviously been gifted with a very, very early version of the bag by the designer.

And it was a brilliant move on Alexander Wang‘s part – I can’t remember another bag that’s been so desperately hunted since the It-Bag heyday of Fall 2005. It disappears online virtually as soon as it’s posted, so the ShopBop link I’m about to give you may not work when you click on it. If you want the bag, though, bookmark it – that’s where you’ll be able to find it when the store restocks, as they have several times in the past day or two.

As far as the bag’s design goes, I adore it – the leather is plush and soft-looking with a ton of texture and the multitudes of gold studs that cover the bottom are both hilariously irreverent and really cool-looking. It’s not for everyone, by any stretch of the imagination, but bags with a lot of style and personality never are. Plus, for an It-Bag, the price is really reasonable; he could be charging twice as much and a lot of people would still be clamoring for it. Buy through ShopBop for $850.

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  • Mandy

    OMG!! I LOVE it. Love the textured leather, style, everything about it. Wonder how heavy it is?

  • Ally

    I love this a ridiculous amount. It’s kinda fabulous.

  • Emily

    this bag is AMAZING!!! Look how yummy the leather is!!! And the stud base! *faints*

  • papertiger

    Love it fiercely!

  • janis

    Not a fan. Way too many studs on the bottom and the handle drop makes it only a hand held bag.


    i LOVE this bag, but i’m surprised that so many women are willing to jump on waiting lists for it, because it has a very specific appeal. if you don’t dress like a rocker chick, is it gonna work with your wardrobe? and with so many women carrying it soon, will the thrill be gone? this is one of those bags that is so unique that if i saw it on someone else i would be kinda mad. think b. romanek rockstar.

    michael st. james

  • Ursula

    It’s also available at Shopbop.

  • renee

    I love it but Mary kate olsen kind of gives it the kiss of death for me….she is just not my idea of rocker-edgy. More like knee-knocker drab.

  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    I am IN LOVE with this bag. The leather and the detail on the bottom are flawless. The price is also surprisingly low for a designer bag. Thanks for this info, Amanda!!


  • kemilia

    I love it too (excellent use of many many studs), though only being a hand held bag makes it a “pass.”

    But maybe it was a shoulder bag on the Olsens, they are so darn tiny!

  • MizzJ

    Besides the studding on the bottom, this bag is kinda underwhelming for me.

  • Jane H.

    I love the gold studs on the bottom but that’s about it…….

  • purly

    Oh no I missed it! It’s already sold out!

  • Redseouls

    Wow I’m just not sure how I feel about this bag. For one thing those studs bother me, but I love the color and look of the leather. I just don’t know…

  • Claire

    It looked so good on Ashley, but on it’s own it looks kind of blah. The only really cool thing is the studs.

  • amie

    Sigh! It’s sold out at shopbop. (I’m a shopbopper, and even I missed it, gone in a blink!)

    I love the Donna Hobo in black denim leather though!

  • Lauren

    I purchased my Coco Duffel on Blue and Cream in a pre order in June..i have had my bag for about two weeks now and i LOVE IT! i dont think their is anything else like it and the detailing texture in the leather and the unique placement of the studs really make it a one of a kind. Well worth it!!

  • Kimberley

    The pleated JESS shopper is gorgeous, and I prefer the ENIKO pebbled hobo. Loving AW for the Fall. Understated and beautiful quality.

  • Pamela M

    I don’t know, maybe my brain is malfunctioning! I just don’t get the draw. If I walked into Macy’s, not knowing anything about this and saw it, the only reason I would give it a second look is to check out the ridiculous studs on the bottom. The leather doesn’t even draw me, and I love leather bags!!! Am I sick? Do feel hot to you?

  • Rebecca

    This bag seemed so funny at the first look..
    but on second thoughts its so young, so rocker-chic!
    Guess its a do!

  • Susanjia

    Very nice and useful!

  • Robin

    The bag finally arrived and I hate to say it but I’m sending it back. The “it” bag is heavy, I don’t like the zipper, and it’s unstructured and slouchy. The leather looks old lady-like. So disappointing!

  • bettybaglover

    Ughhh just called the Madison in LA and this bag is completely sold out. I have to have it!!!! I think I’m swooning. Anyone know where you can get it from that doesn’ have a waitlist???

  • ina(10)

    I’m very interest for this bag! I come from germany and here is the price very high ! Is the bag ”it” or not and the quality is not good! HELP ME !!!

  • Kimberly

    I saw a woman with one on the subway and the bag looks gorgeous and so chic IRL. I want one!!

  • di

    London: these are available at selfridge’s

  • miko

    i would still give anything for this bag!!! omg i have been lusting after it since it hit the runways god knows how long ago. it’s soooo much to spend on a bag but damn its gorgeous. i wish someone had a giveaway… sigh!!!

  • Holly Conrad

    Be careful when buying this bag…I saw a picture of Kristin Calivari is People with the Shoulder version that was listed as $850 so I went on Barney’s and bought it…only to find I bought the “mini” version…I the shoulder version is not available anywhere…other than eBay and I shy away from buying handbags there. Im not sure Im going to keep it as Im not really a hand bag sort of girl if I cant put it on my shoulder I dont think I’ll get much use out of it even though I love the look of the bag! Ugh!!!

  • fashion court

    i’m not sure if you’ll even see this comment…buuuut has an inspiration bag SO close to it. for $80 bucks. i ordered one! haha

  • Jennifer

    6 months later and i’m still in love with this bag!!! <3