Dolce & Gabbana Miss Lexington SatchelEver look at a bag and just think, “Uh, no,” before you can even really decide why you reacted like that? That was the case when I laid eyes upon the Dolce & Gabbana Miss Lexington Satchel. On the surface, there’s nothing obviously offensive about this bag – it’s not covered in glitter or tie-dye or massive amounts of fringe. In fact, it’s fairly subdued and, with some slight tweaks, could be a great everyday bag.

But the proportion is the problem. Instinctively, you know it when you look at the bag, because your brain is programmed to pick up on it. It takes a second longer to consciously realize when you’re being apprehensive, but the size and shape of this bag in relation to the size and shape of its handle is just…off. The handle is too narrowly set and would be better if it was a bit longer and attached a bit further toward the edges of the bag (and it also looks like intestines, but that’s a different issue entirely). Or, alternately, if the handle was as it is now and the bag wasn’t quite so wide in relation to its height. I’d opt to change the handle, though, since I don’t like its wrinkly, shrinky-dink current incarnation. Then this bag would be fairly awesome. Buy through Nordstrom for $2150.

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    i agree with everything you said and i would add removing that nasty D&G plaque from the front of this bag…it just cheapens the whole look!

  • supriapatel

    haha omg ‘shrinky-dink’…u crack me up everything you write!

  • Nee

    Those handles are way off, it looks like it would be too heavy to carry in your hand, but not wide enough to sling over the shoulder. Not impressed:(

  • otter

    Zzzzzzzzzz. Wake me up.

  • amanda r

    Haha! I thought the same thing when I saw this post. In fact, I scrolled past it thinking, “Ick.” It wasn’t until I went back, and after reading your first line, I had to laugh!

  • Linda

    That’s a very disproportioned handbag! I wouldn’t wear it. Nothing special and it’s time designers change their prices! Way too expensive!!!

  • renee

    It looks homemade!

  • papertiger

    It aint gona work, no way no how

  • Pandor@

    pathetic attempt.
    no D&G spirit here.

  • Mandy

    Agree, Amanda. What a shame, ’cause it’s a pretty camel color and the leather looks nice. Just a bad execution.

  • 19yearslater

    It just kinda looks like a tote bag with weird handles. No thanks.

  • Mama M

    Agree. The plaque reminds me of D&B. If only Lucy had this bag when she was trying to smuggle that log of cheese into the US……. On second thought, the handles would probably have broken.

  • Pamela M

    It’s amazing how they can ruin such a gorgeous bag with such an obvious mistake! The bag is too big to be carried just in your hand, the handle should definitely be long enough to put on your shoulder. And with slouchy hobos, why would you want a stiff structured handle? Such a shame, the purse itself is gorgeous. And as for the D&G badge, it’s so low and the same color as the purse, it’s not gonna make or break the deal for me.

  • Paula

    it looks weird even hanging on a door knob. Very strange. Beautiful leather, beautiful lining. I might just use the material and make a whole new handbag. There sure is enough material.