• indiaink

    Well-done! I love how you guys got to go to the ‘factory’ and see things made. I have a new appreciation for my MAMs – I truly feel like I’m carrying something very very unique, well-made, and special. Glad tPF was on the ground floor, so to speak!!!

  • HitchcockBlonde

    Wonderful interview and gorgeous pictures. Lots of vibrant colors and gorgeous detailing. Thanks so much for sharing this with us and for asking our questions. And I loved the factory photos!

    Bravo! :smile:

  • Knasarae

    Thank you so much for the interview and all those great pictures!!!! I must have an Emerald Nikki and one of the black/white Rendevous!!!! This is so exciting I can’t wait til they start to ship!!!

  • deeliciouz

    Thanks you guys for this wonderful preview!!! Sooo cool! :mrgreen:

  • nolarice

    wow! excellent interview and pics!! love the purple patent market tote and can’t wait for more mini nikki!!! i’m jumping out of my skin!!

  • momo.chan

    Thank you sooo much for this preview…i can NOT wait until i can start purchasing these!! RM, you’re the best! <33

  • cayce.pollard

    Great interview! I loved hearing where she gets her inspirations from. Awesome job, Megs and Vlad!

  • Tatertot

    Thank you so much!! This was wonderful and the bags are just gorgeous. A wonderful interview and so great to see the bags. It is so great to feel “involved” and I can hardly wait to continue my collection with these beautiful new bags.

  • optikangel

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Megs and Vlad! Rebecca seems so down-to-earth and her upcoming collection looks stunning! I’ll be having sweet dreams tonight — dreaming about those lovely bags!

  • mrsshoegal

    Ah great interview and thanks for all the hard work and the gorgeous pictures!!!!

    I love that her bagas are made in the US!!!

  • Frances

    Thanks so much Megs and Vlad…and Rebecca??? You are absolutely fabulous. I can’t wait to add these to my small but growing collection.

  • Michelle

    Excellent interview!!

    I certainly wasn’t expecting to see a Preview of the Fall collection but am oh so glad that I did.
    It gives me time to figure out how I’m gonna add a bag or two to my ever growing collection. The bags were simply GORGEOUS!!

    The factory pictures were awesome as well. When I saw the bags stacked up in the factory my first thought was “HEY those a RM bags, they should be handled with care” LOL. The final pic with all the spring colors (turquoise, yellow, pink) leather piled up—such vibrant colors. I have totally fallen in love all over again!!!!

    KUDOS to you on a job WELL DONE!!

  • madaboutdarcy

    Fantastic job you guys! Thanks for sharing these all with us! Can’t wait for your Monica Botkier interview now :grin:

  • desiprinzess718

    Great Interview!!!

    Thank you sooo much Megs and Vlad for putting all of this together for us! And Becky thanks so much for just being so awesome!

  • Jeannine

    Awesome interview! I don’t usually frequent the RM forum, but that may have to change soon. I LOVE the look of the new bags. Really sophisticated and evolving. Cannot wait until they hit the stores.

  • Darcy

    This has been wonderful! You are all so great for putting this together for all of your RM fans! Can’t wait for the new season!

  • PerfectShoe

    I loved the interview. I am so excited to buy something from this new line. I cannot wait to see what colors the Beau comes in and I love the color of the pink leather on page 6 in the last pic. I cannot wait to see what is made with that leather!!! Everything is so gorgeous! Great job : )

  • Nena17

    Great interview and pictures. I was so excited to see Rebecca at Saks that I really did not look at her collection while there :oops:

  • katy

    Awesome interview! Loved reading it! :razz:

  • Irina

    I am really excited about the Oliver bag… hopefully it’ll come in that Emerald or Electric Blue

  • vivi

    i am dying for the new and improved morning after lux!

  • Samia

    Great Interview Guys!!

  • Patsy

    Great Interview!

    Have you seen the new “Get Away Satchel” in Night Spot? It’s incredible. You can really seen the Parisian influences. I’ve included the link (to Shopbop.com) below!


  • Patsy

    Great Interview!

    Have you seen the new “Get Away Satchel” in Night Spot? It’s incredible. You can really seen the Parisian influences. I’ve included the link (to Shopbop.com) below!


  • passionforflashin

    LOVE the oliver bag!!!

    i also really love the use of the color purple in her fall 2008 collection. a rich purple is always exquisite.

  • Peyton

    Great interview. LOVE RM bags. I’m awaiting the arrival of the MAB mini in tangerine. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of the grey Market bags. When will this bag be available? Got to have it!!

  • Carrie

    i looooove the patent purple and patent red market tote when are they coming out?!?! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • LucianaW

    Great job Megs and Vlad. Congratulations. :mrgreen:

  • supko

    Thanks for the interview and *great* photos! I am all a-drool after seeing the navy lux bag and the purple patent! The striped MABs and clutch are SUPER cute.

  • Crazy4Handbags

    Awesome interview!

    When will the Fall 2008 line make its debut? Where will Oliver and Ollie be sold and at what price? Very curious…………..!

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    OMG!!!! This interview was absolutely magnificent & the photos…what can I say other than I am saving this for future reference!! I am so happy that I found it & it was GRRREEAATT insight into what we can look forward to from Ms. Minkoff! :lol:

    I met her yesterday (06/07/08) at a Sample Sale in Los Angeles, & I can truly say she’s a real STAR with a highly pleasant personality! I am so glad to be one of her BIGGEST & LOYAL FANS (heck I purchased 2 more bags to add to my collection…so worth it :mrgreen: )!! I wish her more success & I can’t wait for the STORES to open…it’s going to be WILD I am sure!!! Keep up the awesome work & reasonable prices!!!

  • jsenning

    Love the fall preview! I could totally go for a smaller matinee… :D

  • Isabelle