Hotel Paris

PB: What is the theme behind fall 2008 bags?

RM: It is a traveling theme. This big one is called the French Tote and it has travel patches. We choose the Hotel Paris because we did a French theme. I am a quarter French and I am in love with Paris. Along with it, we are giving away these little notebooks that have a travel touch.

Rebecca Minkoff Cheri Satchel Thumb  Rebecca Minkoff Travel Patches Thumb  Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag Thumb

PB: What are your main colors for fall?

RM: Purple patent, black and white, red and white, blue, and green.

Rebecca Minkoff Market in purple patent Thumb  Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag Thumb

PB: Will you have more Mini Nikki’s? What about a medium?

RM: Yes to the Mini Nikki, they are going to hit stores in June. The Nikki and Mini Nikki are too close in size to have a Medium Nikki. But I can do a longer custom strap if that helps.

PB: What about a Mini Morning After for evening wear?

RM: Like a fancy version…? I have thought about it. But I have to get the proportions right. We could do it like a wristlet if we get it right. I will play around with that. But I have done the Morning After Clutch which is coming out for summer and we will continue to make it as the response has been great.

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch Thumb  Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch Thumb

PB: What about a smaller Matinee?

RM: I am re-working the Matinee but the same size. The Matinee does not need as many pockets. Most girls are turning the flaps and not using the side pockets. So what I am going to do is permanently flip them and eliminate the two pockets. And then for me, having the front and back pocket was confusing, so I am just going to do one pocket. Based on feedback that I got and when I was wearing the bag, I think these changes will work out better. But if there are a lot of requests for a smaller Matinee I can look into it.

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