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  • Stephanie

    The price of that D&G case is just ridiculous

    • Tristan

      I wasnt even sure what case you were talking about so i scrolled back up. I don’t think i even noticed the price cause its so ugly lol

  • ebun

    Me: (in need of new microwave) What the hell! The cheapest microwave is $60! Hell no. Walmart is trippin with these prices *continues warming food in oven*

    (in need of case for iphone) Ah that Givenchy is cute! *adds to cart*

    Someone save my soul please

    • Mel


    • Mya Wilkes

      LMAOOO! Girl you crazy!

    • HAHAHA, YES!

  • shueaddict

    love the rottie ! Amanda, you said the bag is meant to frighten young children, do you suppose the phone case could frighten mean male colleagues?

    • I can’t guarantee it, but it wouldn’t hurt to try!

  • anon

    This is so cute, but very disappointing for me since I have a Samsung:/

  • Brandon

    Hi Amanda, random question for you. I am seeing a lot of people with Valentino iPhone 5 cases here in Toronto. Just wondering if you have any information if Valentino will be doing any cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ ? I’ve looked all over the internet and I couldn’t find anything.

    • I’m sure Valentino will be, but my searches turned up the same as yours–only 5 cases so far. Most of the very high-end brands are still lagging a bit behind; the premium designer cases in this post are mostly pre-orders for cases that aren’t quite available in stores yet. I’m sure Valentino will be along with some in a month or two!

  • ivy

    Love that first one. Would look perfect on the gold or silver.

  • Nats

    i always get a kick out of the cases that are more expensive than the actual phones lol

  • Mya Wilkes

    I like the Lanvin.

  • Bummed

    still no cute cases for iphone 6+ *sigh*

    • Most of the cases above are available in the 6+ size!

  • Winn

    but, giant moschino animals…

  • Sharon Macklin

    I got the Apple case in pink leather when I got my phone. Since then, I have added 2 more (of course!) – a red and black buffalo check from J Crew, and my latest, one from Gray Malin (Bondi Beach). The Gray Malin is adorable – actually, so is the one from J Crew. Neither one cost more than the phone. ;-)