Celebrities continue to school us in the art of dressing like a celebrity for all occasions. If you’d like to know what to wear if you’re boarding a yacht in Italy before 6 pm, or if you’re grabbing lunch with your boyfriend, who used to be in a prominent boy band and may or may not be more famous than you at this point in your career (it’s debatable), then please, read on!


When it comes to looking for new beauty products, I function almost entirely on word of mouth, and (thankfully) I rarely waste money as a result. It also means I run across a lot of great products, and I’ve been on an especially strong roll recently.

TS Notice Get ready to see lots of red bottoms over on TalkShoes! First, we’re kicking off the week with this pair of Christian Louboutin Deepik “Nats” N°2 Pumps, the latest style to be added to the New Nudes collection. We also spotted Jennifer Lawrence attending Comic-Con in a futuristic pair of Louboutin Nicobar Sandals, and she’s not the only celeb we spotted wearing Louboutin! Elle Fanning paired her embellished Prada dress with a pair of Louboutin Iriza d’Orsay Pumps for the “Tig” premiere.



Of all the celebrities that we’ve profiled over the years, Hilary Duff and her enormous collection have always felt the most relatable to me. Hilary’s personal style is relentlessly casual and often dotted with workout clothes, and she uses her bags to dress things up a little bit, just like lots of non-famous women.


Tiny bags may be a huge (and persistent) trend, but not all little purses are created equally. While some are simply a small receptacle for whatever you can wedge into them, others provide a level of organization that makes it easier to leave the house without one of the biggest, most important things in any woman’s purse: a wallet.

Amazon-Prime-Day-2015It’s time for a little bit of Christmas in July. Or, more accurately, a little bit of the day after Thanksgiving in July. Today is Amazon Prime Day, which means that the giant online retailer is marking down prices on thousands (thousands!) of its vast selection of products. Amazon promises that there will be more deals than you’ll even find in the much-anticipated Black Friday sales, which means that today’s the day to stock up on literally anything you may need around the house. Shop quickly, though–these deals turn back into a pumpkin at midnight.

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Happy Wednesday! Today is the day we bring you some of eBay‘s best bags and accessories, and this week we have some terrific finds. You’ll see some lovely vintage jewelry, plus beautiful bags and accessories from Balenciaga, Gucci, Chanel and more. Happy shopping. Read More…


Almost, but not quite. It was a busy weekend for celebs, what with Wimbledon, extremely high-profile weddings and a mass celeb exodus from Paris Couture Week. All that celeb news, combined with numerous celeb cheating/divorce rumors that we’re too classy to mention here will indubitably make for some premium tabloid reading tomorrow.


Chanel fashion shows are not, by and large, elusive events. They’re some of the most well-documented happenings in fashion, with both media and attendees reporting back via traditional industry news channels and social media. That’s why it’s been so weird that we couldn’t get close-up shots of the Chanel Cruise 2016 runway bags until now.

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