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We gather a lot of information just be scrolling our Instagram feed. Between our followers and our industry friends, we can easily identify what bags are most-wanted among the social media set. In recent weeks, we’ve a closer look at reigning favorites like Louis Vuitton and Dior, and this week our Instagram feed is telling us that Saint Laurent bags should also be added to the list.


Slowly but surely, Céline has started putting more information about its seasonal handbag on its website. Every season, the brand gives shoppers a few more bags, a few more prices, a few more colors and leathers—it’s a good time to be a shopper in search of the perfect Céline.


Fall is fast approaching, and perhaps for that very reason, celebs are getting a little adventurous with their handbag choices. This roundup is pretty evenly split between classic black leather bags from Fendi, Chanel and The Row that could survive any season, as well as bling-tastic selections from Miu Miu, Bulgari and others that are very now.


In many ways, Dior was my big introduction to high-end beauty products. When I was a kid, I fell in love with the brand’s Hypnotic Poison perfume while browsing my mom’s fashion magazines, and once I was old enough to afford my own fancy makeup, I’d drive myself the hour and a half back to Atlanta from my college town to visit the Dior beauty counter at my favorite mall.

Nancy Gonzalez Butterfly Crocodile Small Clutch Bag
Nancy Gonzalez

We spend ample time informing you of the most anticipated bags of the season and where to find them. If you’re looking for a bag that’s not as easily identifiable, however, we’re here to tell you that Nancy Gonzalez might just solve all of your handbag dilemmas.


Sometimes it takes a trend a couple tries to get off the ground. Several years ago, velvet was all over fall runways, but it seemed like buyers for retail stores weren’t, well, buying it–the velvet pieces went largely unproduced and, in turn, shoppers focused on other things.


If you’ve been feeling a little bit curious about Prada lately, there’s a reason for that. The brand has introduced a slew of new handbags for fall, and many of them are exactly the kind of sleek, modern bags you’d hope to see from a designer of Prada’s caliber and history.

If you're looking for an easy, neutral day bag for fall that won't completely empty your savings account, look no further. Marc Jacobs Interlock Leather Hobo Bag $595 0 Comments Read More

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Louis Vuitton

It’s never all that hard to figure out which new bags Louis Vuitton is betting on. The massive French brand is singularly powerful within the luxury industry, and that means it has plenty of famous friends to rely on when it comes for drumming up pre-release interest in a new design.


Celebs try to get away with some strange trends in the summer. Thigh-high suede boots, for example, are extremely popular with a certain set. This week overalls are making a mild comeback, though honestly I feel like some celeb or another gets the nifty idea to wear overalls in public every six months or so.

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