We recently took a look at Blake Lively‘s unrivaled Christian Louboutin collection, as well as the numerous Giuseppe Zanotti styles celebs (well, mostly models) have been wearing on the red carpet in 2016. Now it’s time for Jimmy Choo to get its due.


We know that many of you in the US may be making last-minute preparations for weekend getaways, fireworks or other festivities, but we have one more thing to celebrate this morning before you go on your way for the long weekend: the continuation of sale season.

Novelty Bags

Over the past few years’ enormous trend for novelty accessories, bags have been made in the image of a lot of things: books, decks of playing cards, astrological symbols, leather jackets. Rarely do any of these bags also perform any of the functions of their aesthetic inspirations; after all, bags have a pretty specific functional purpose already, and their interior hollowness presents another significant barrier.

Instagram Feature

We’ve been venturing our way around the PurseForum for a couple weeks now, and if you can believe it, we’ve only just scratched the surface of what our members have to offer. We already checked out the most popular brands on the Forum, including Chanel, Céline, Hermès and Louis Vuitton, and this week we’re continuing with Valentino.


Céline Dion seems like she has a great sense of humor. She’s also got the voice of an angel, sure, but over the arc of her fame, she’s always seemed happy, funny, sometimes even goofy–like she loves her fans and feels lucky and finds this whole fame thing sorta kooky.

In Case You Missed It

We’re all gearing up for a much-needed holiday weekend and some outdoor fun, but before we move on to the 4th of July (and, therefore, the month of July), it’s time to take a look back into the recent past.

Neiman Marcus Summer Sale July always gives me that intense ‘it’s really summer now’ feeling. Neiman Marcus is helping us get into summer with its Summer Sale, where you can receive an extra 35% off of sale styles for him and her. The good news is you probably have a few days off over this long weekend, so grab a cup of coffee or a glass of rosé, and find exactly what your summer wardrobe needs. I know I plan to add some summer staples and with the additional 35% off of sale prices, you can’t go wrong!

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Joie Avery Crisscross Nubuck City Sandal

Sale season is a glorious time of year, there’s no doubt about that. Great prices on some of the industry’s most covetable brands–what’s not to love, right? Well, we’re currently in the second stage of markdowns, and while the prices are fantastic, size and color selections can be a bit precarious.

Buzz Worthy

My favorite season is summer, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that by looking at me. Almost my entire wardrobe is black and I’m pretty pale, which is usually the hallmark of people who prefer things a little cooler.


Celebrities have come together to make a clear statement about something they care very deeply about: red handbags. Is red symbolic? Is it meant to raise awareness about meaningful issues? No, absolutely not. It’s just extremely on-trend this week, and possibly this season.

TV Show Recaps

Maybe the tie that binds all Real Housewives the tightest, beyond a shared love of white wine and yelling, so their near-uniform preference for awful dudes. When you start sorting it out, bad taste in romantic partners accounts, either directly or indirectly, for an awfully large proportion of the tension, conflicts and eventual blowout fights that form any given Housewives season’s narrative arcs.

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