Here’s actor Liev Schreiber carrying an exceptionally handsome Mulberry Brynmore Messenger Bag in NYC. It looks like he’s giving someone directions in the West Village, and because West Village is the most confusing neighborhood in New York, that makes perfect sense. Liev’s Mulberry Brynmore bag was part of the brand’s Mulberry for Apple Collection, a line of leather goods created specifically to fit Mac products. This bag was made to accommodate the 15″ MacBook Pro – smaller laptops or iPads would obviously fit nicely inside too. The Brynmore is available for $1,350 at Mr. Porter.

I was excited to learn Liev Schreiber finally has his own show on premium cable – Ray Donovan will premiere on Showtime June 30th at 10 pm, EST. Liev plays Ray Donovan (of course), a professional “fixer” based in Los Angeles, who makes unseemly problems disappear for rich and famous clients.

Well, it took long enough.

I’ve been excited about the advent of the Mulberry Willow Tote ever since it debuted on the brand’s Spring 2013 runway back in September 2012, and finally, the object of my affection has become available for mass consumption. Thankfully, it’s just as beautiful as I had remembered it being, if slightly more pricey than I had hoped.

In case you’re not familiar with the Willow, its most salient feature is that the front flap pocket fully zips off to become an independent clutch, and a rather attractive one at that. Zip-off pockets are usually gimmicky and a bit awkward, but in this case, the integration of the clutch onto the front of the tote is done in such a way that the tote doesn’t feel like there’s an extra portion hanging off the front and the clutch doesn’t look like it was obviously taken from another bag. Combing two separate pieces into one aesthetically pleasing design is no small task, and Mulberry’s done a remarkably good job of making it happen.

Of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt that both the clutch and tote fit in quite well with look that’s happening in the handbag world right now – streamlined shape, flared gussets and all that. If you remind yourself that you’re getting two bags, the $2,600 price tag doesn’t seem all that bad. Still, I was hoping for something more like $1,895. Buy through Net-a-Porter in both black and tan for $2,600.

Mulberry Willow Tote Tan

English model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was recently photographed at the airport in LA carrying a cheetah Mulberry Del Rey Animal Print Bag. (You’ve definitely seen Rosie in Victoria’s Secret lingerie, and you might’ve seen her in Transformers 3, but I’m kind of hoping you didn’t.) Young British celebs love their Mulberry, which is of course based in London, like so many of my other fave designer brands. You can snag the standard black leather version of the Del Ray Bag for $1,500 at Net-a-Porter.

In case you’re unaware, the Del Ray was named after American singer/songwriter Lana Del Ray, whose sultry, pouty pop tunes I rather enjoy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will probably get her own namesake bag soon enough, though I sincerely hope they just call it the “Rosie”, and not the “Huntington-Whiteley.” The “Hot Blond English Babe Bag” would also be sufficient, methinks.

Rose Huntington-Whiteley carries a Mulberry Del Rey Animal Print Bag at the airport in Los Angeles (1) Rose Huntington-Whiteley carries a Mulberry Del Rey Animal Print Bag at the airport in Los Angeles (2) Rose Huntington-Whiteley carries a Mulberry Del Rey Animal Print Bag at the airport in Los Angeles (3) Rose Huntington-Whiteley carries a Mulberry Del Rey Animal Print Bag at the airport in Los Angeles (4)

On one hand, no one looks more dour in paparazzi photos than Reese Witherspoon; on the other hand, they do tend to follow her inside fro-yo shops, which is probably irritating. Here’s a less-than-pleased-looking Reese carrying an especially pleasing tan Mulberry Tassel Bag during a quick yogurt stop in Hollywood. Hardcore Mulberry fans will notice that this bag is basically the Mulberry Alexa, but with massive tassels. The black suede version of this very bag is available for $1833 at MyTheresa.

This classic Mulberry fits in perfectly with Reese’s preppy aesthetic and is befitting of her rather epic handbag stash, which is rife with all the biggest and most coveted designer names. It’s heavy on the Givenchy and Lanvin, with a pretty exhilarating mix of Hermes, Chanel, Celine, Valentino and The Row – you know, all the truly high-end stuff reserved for A-list celebs. You can take the full tour of her collection here in our “The Many Bags of Reese Witherspoon” post.

Mulberry makes full lines of ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories, of course, but we and they both know what everyone wants to see every season: the bags. Mulberry has been an enormous reputation off of its stylish, functional, totally covetable leather day bags, and by all indications from the Mulberry Fall 2013 show, the brand has no desire to change that. Want a new work bag or roomy weekend bag? This collection likely has something you’ll want if you’re a fan of Mulberry’s general look.

As has been the trend so far this season, the show featured plenty of dark neutrals, plus a few colorful accents by way of teal and yellow. The collection also includes several new shapes for the brand, including the Mulberry Suffolk Bag, a soft, simple single-handle satchel with a metal bar across the top that feels a little bit like a Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily, and a double-handle satchel reminiscent of the Givenchy Lucrezia. Those are both very relevant shapes right now, so it makes sense that Mulberry would add them to their lineup, in addition to the beautiful Willow Tote that debuted for Spring 2013. (And which still hasn’t hit stores, but that’s just a personal gripe on my part.)

[Images via Vogue]

Unless you’re recently coupled or engaged, Valentine’s Day probably isn’t your favorite day of all days (and even then, most young women I know approach it with dread), but beyond the opportunity to buy half-priced chocolates at the drug store the day after, perhaps there’s something to all of this V-Day hubbub after all. And by that, of course, we mean there might be a Valentine’s handbag we’d like to explore further, in the form of the Mulberry Valentines Bayswater Clutch.

We discussed what we’d all be carrying (or dream of carrying) for V-Day last week, but at that time, this little Mulberry bag hadn’t come across my radar. I’m not a lover of most things twee, let alone things spangled with actual hearts, but it’s hard to argue that anything could be more appropriate to carry on V-Day, even if that’s the only day of the year that you’d be caught dead with it on your person. We all have those out-of-character days, and why shouldn’t Valentine’s be one?

Have any special plans for tonight? Share ‘em in the comments, and even if you don’t (I don’t), do a little something to treat yo’self.

Pick up this bag at Net-a-Porter for $850.

Fashion is perhaps more obsessed with ad campaigns than any industry outside of advertising itself. If you love a particular brand, it’s fun to get a peek into how the brand’s creative team envisions the clothes in context, and the best ads can provide great aesthetic inspiration for everything from personal styling to home decor to vacation planning. Around here, we love ads because they so often feature brands’ biggest money-makers: handbags.

You may remember me raving about Mulberry’s Spring 2013 accessories collection back when it debuted on the runway, and my enthusiasm for the line has not abated. In these photos, shot by Tim Walker and starring model Meghan Collison, you can see why: the bags would stand out as the definite highlight even if they weren’t featured quite so prominently. The muted tones of the ads make me long for the first buds of spring; is it April yet? Check out the full campaign below.

Megs and I have had our eyes on the Mulberry Zigzag bag ever since it came down the runway in several sizes and colors back in February, and now that it’s available at retail, we have some deciding to do. Namely, which version is the best? Are they all best? Does the definition of the word “best” inherently preclude them from all being best? These are the questions of our times.

For expediency’s sake, we’ve narrowed it down to just two versions of the Zigzag: the medium black one with multicolor studs and the large ivory one with tonal studs. At first, my instincts told me to go with the black version. It’s very similar in color composition and feel to my beloved Proenza Schouler PS1, and I carry that bag pretty much every day – I don’t know what could be a better endorsement. On top of that, I love the use of multicolor studs; instead of a flat textile or painted leather, enameled studs on a contrasting leather color create a three-dimensional pattern of sorts, particularly when used in a repetitive manner across a bag like these are. Pretty good, right?

But what of the bag’s lovely, slightly larger, significantly paler sister? The tonal leather and enameled studs feel cleaner to me, more modern. The bag feels even a tad futuristic, like it was made entirely out of some kind of space-age ceramic. I’d never, ever advise wearing it with dark denim (the color transfer!), but if you’re prone to clothing that won’t rub dye, I’d definitely choose the white version. Which one do you prefer?

Mulberry Medium Zigzag Bag

$2750 via Net-a-Porter

Mulberry Large Zigzag Bag

$3150 via Net-a-Porter

Ahh, the perks of being an internationally mega-famous supermodel. Chic parties, global travel, endless free swag. Not only did Kate Moss sit front row at the Mulberry Spring 2013 show earlier this week, but the Brit beauty got to be the first person to debut the instantly covetable Mulberry Willow Tote off the runway, barely 24 hours after the bag debuted in London.

At that point, Moss had already jet-setted to Milan, where paparazzi caught her dressed down for an afternoon of shopping before Milan Fashion Week got into full swing. Kate’s black croc (or croc-embossed, it’s difficult to tell from pictures) tote appears to be the larger version of the two that debuted on the runway, and even though she’s a British model who sat front row at the show, I’m a bit surprised to find her carrying the bag. Kate’s not the type who tends to wear or carry things that are obviously “placed” by brands, and although this bag seems to be, I doubt she’d have bothered with it if she weren’t actually a fan. It should go without saying, of course, that we’re also huge fans – check out more pictures of Kate and her Mulberry bag after the jump. The Willow Tote won’t be available in stores for about six months, but you can shop Mulberry via Net-a-Porter. (more…)

I’ve been a bit critical about Mulberry (specifically its marketing tactics) over the past season, so believe me when I say this: the Mulberry Willow Tote may very well be the best new day bag we’ll see all season. That’s a hefty mantle to bestow before the handbag heavyweights in Milan and Paris have even finished styling their runway looks, and I may yet be proved wrong, but the the big bag reveal of the Mulberry Spring 2013 show might just be good enough to go the distance.

The tote, pictured above, marks a movement toward increased sophistication for the brand that will likely be welcomed by consumers who shop at Mulberry’s chosen price point. The bags in this collection still have the signature Mulberry branding, but they’re more refined, more chic. (If “chic” isn’t overused to the point of non-meaning at this point, which it probably is.) It’s not just the Willow Tote, with its genius zip-off front panel that doubles as either a clutch or an iPad case, depending on your need at the moment; the Del Rey Bag, of which I have never been any kind of fan, got a nice upgrade for spring with luxurious jacquard prints that take the bag’s somewhat bland structure and elevate it as a canvas for great textiles. Check out all the runway bags after the jump. (more…)

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