PB: We have read that you have lived in many places. Where have you lived?

DEVI: I lived in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Israel, France, Italy, Switzerland.

PB: Well if anything, no one can claim that you are uncultured! What other languages do you speak?

DEVI: German, French, Italian, English, and Indonesian. I spent a lot of time in Indonesia. I think Indonesia is a big reason why I am doing so many exotics. You go to the market and there are so many snake and lizard accessories. I think it stuck in my head.

Devi Kroell Roman Gator  Devi Kroell Rolls

PB: That is great! I know many people are looking for exotic skins now.

DEVI: Yes, but when I started my company in 2004 and was using these exotic skins it was not so common. People were not using python, you would not see it anywhere. People would look at my bags and ask ‘What is this? It is weird, I have never seen it before’. I saw a niche in this area and no one was doing it. At the time everyone was doing logos and I thought there must be a customer out there that is getting sick of all of that and wants something sleek, streamlined, and slouchy. Not to mention I was adding metallics to the bags, and no one was doing that either.

PB: Celebrity style and influence is so huge. Have you seen a huge impact on your company with celebrity exposure?

DEVI: Jessica Simpson started carrying my Classic Metallic Python Bag and people would be calling asking for the ‘Jessica’ Bag! Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Sienna Miller have worn my bags. I was really happy when Sienna Miller was spotted carrying my bags. It helped sales tremendously.

Devi Kroell Large Bucket  Devi Kroell Large Python Bucket

PB: So how did you get started in the fashion world?

DEVI: My background is really fashion. I was at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and one of my professors was Helmut Lang. I moved to Paris and worked in the Jewelry Square and working for brands making huge zillion dollar necklaces and so on. And then I decided to try my own company and thought people in the US would be more open to a new designer.

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  • katy

    Thanks for the interview! I love her bags! :smile:

  • pjh

    I have loved her bags since the first time I saw Jessica Simpson with that gold python hobo. She was sitting at a dinner table and started unloading it to find her black American Express card! HAhahaha. They have grown in my mind since. I love them and I love this lady. What a business inspiration!

  • Lynda

    She is AMAZINGLY talented! Thank you for sharing this interview with us. BTW, I’m with Vlad, that orange croc hobo — droolworthy!

  • aa

    Thanks for the interview!

  • vivi

    Such a good interview, and great pictures. Nice job!

  • Rose

    Nice. I like Devi Kroell’s bags. I got her limited edition clutches that she did for Target and those were great. I put away my more expensive designer pieces. BTW-It’s Lang no e.

  • m

    Hmm.. her Cartable bag in Ostrich kind of reminds me of YSL Besace Messenger bag.

  • dimon

    Dear M – You probably know this already, but the term “besace” in French means mailbag or messenger bag, it is not a proper noun like “Birkin”. The term “cartable” which Devi would know because she speaks French, is a French school kid’s classic book bag and they always have this same form with a large flap that covers the entire body of the bag, squarish/rectangular shape and with two closures on the front. So, when YSL or Devi Kroell use these terms it is like when we say in English “frame bag”, or “clutch bag” or “messenger bag”! :wink:

  • Camilla

    :razz: Devi Kroell’s bags are the MOST amazing thing out there, nobody makes them like she does. She is beautiful, sweet and so talented. Sorry Lilo, I think you are alone out there with your bitter opinion :evil:

  • Glamgirl

    Great piece, thank you so much for shedding some light into this mystery designer brand…

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    LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE Devi Kroell, thank you for bringing this!!!

  • sarah

    love the bags, sexy and classy…mostly the Classic Large Hobo in Crocodile orange

  • Violetta Purple

    I love Art Deco… I love snakeskin… and therefore I love Devi’s Handbag’s!

    The Large Hobo in Black Anthracite gives me the freedom to take everything with me in the morning, when I don’t know, if I come home in the evening! Inside I always carry a smaller evening bag – I adore her New Python Pochette in purple – for a dinner or theater-date: perfect couple!

    Her bags are always glamorous – but always elegant and outstanding!

  • utborn

    Hands down the Roman Tote Large with Zipper in Red Crocodile is the best bag on the site. Of course all the shoes are wonderful as well.

  • Lindsey Hannibal

    I love the Roman Tote Large with Zipper in Red Crocodile….It’s fantastic!! I love all of your bags on this site but that was my favorite. Your doing a wonderful job with all you dohoney, keep it up!!

  • I love the Roman Tote Large with Zipper in Red Crocodile….It’s fantastic!! I love all of your bags on this site but that was my favorite. Your doing a wonderful job with all you do honey, keep it up!!

  • Chloe

    Devi is amazing! I love her stuff. Check out her shoes too.