PB: We pretty much know the story about how you got started, but can you share the story about how you are still in business with your mom? It is really interesting.

AH: I guess this all started about 10 years ago. Well, my mom has always been interested in vintage clothing, shopping and accessories. I was in fashion and she had the idea that we should start handbags in a way that was sort of organic. I don’t think we really thought about building this empire, but we were in the market. We always said how everything sort of looked the same, there wasn’t that much out there that was contemporary and interesting looking so we started the handbags. We opened up with Scoop and Bergdorf Goodman. Right when we shipped it, they sold and did well so the stores wanted to come and see the next collection. We were like “there is no collection”, so we then just begun designing for the next season, next season and it just grew. It kept doubling and tripling, then we opened up with Barneys. We were lucky because we were with some really great stores from the beginning and everything just kept escalating. Then the bags started getting picked up by celebrities and everything kept growing. It all happened very organically. We worked hard, but it all just came together. Sort of similar to you guys. We just kept learning as we went along. Now we are in a place where we can plot and plan. But there was a lot of catch up in the early stages.

PB: Your first collection was bought by Bergdorf? Was that really surprising?

AH: It was surprising. I was in sales before, so I knew the stores, and said, “we have this new collection, take a look” and they bought it. It was exciting. But seeing someone wearing your bag was even more exciting.

PB: Who was the first person you saw wearing your bag?

AH: It was a person on the street. I was actually in Paris.

PB: Really? Did you stop them?

AH: Ahh, no I didn’t.

PB: I probably would have! And told them it was my bag. That’s really exciting though. And what’s been the best part or challenges of working with your mom? I mean, we (Megs and Vlad) work together so, we kinda know what it is like.

AH: I actually work with my mom and one of my best friends from 5th grade, she became a partner after the second year, so it is sort of like a family. I think we work really well together, so as much as we fight one minute, the next minute it is like “ok, what do you want for lunch”. I think we know, we’ll never hurt each other because at the end of the day, we are all after the same goal. At the same time, when we do fight, we know we don’t have any boundaries, because you can speak to your best friend and mother in a way you could never speak to another employer – so that’s the worst. I think the best is that, in no time at all everything is fine and we are asking each other what you want to eat.

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