Juicy Couture Riveted Superstar Splendor Bag

You know what I have been wondering, why is Juicy Couture named Juicy. I think I have read the story somewhere before. But do any of you find it odd to name a company Juicy. I mean seriously, how many awfully wrong things can you think of when you hear the word juicy. Then again, you could be a nice, pure person and simply think of a juicy lollipop, a juicy apple, or some juicy gossip. Either way, the name of the company sure is interesting.

I started off being a fan of Juicy Couture clothing (my mom got me some when they first started). I love the easy wear they create- not to mention their jeans and simple tee’s are great! And when they came out with their bags I was a bit skeptical. Some bags I think are not so cute, some have copied designs, and some catch my eye. The Juicy Couture Riveted Superstar Splendor Bag is a cute bag that should not be looked over. Made of divine light green leather and accented in gold stud details at the side, this bag could sure add a little fun to anyones wardrobe. The handle is 13″. Inside you will find cotton lining and a zipper pocket and patch pocket. The overall stats on this bag are 14″L x 3″W x 7″H. If you seem to find yourself fancying this bag, hop over to Shop Bop and buy it for $325.

P.S. Not only is the model holding a Juicy bag, she sure does have some Juicy lips!! ;-)

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