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  • Miki

    That Fendi bag is…a true waste of stingray :((((

  • Karin bag4bag

    I expected to be impressed by the most expensive bags but I was surprisingly underwhelmed.

  • tiff

    The Fendi Stingray tote is tragically bad. It’s as if they were trying to create a bag that could be sold on Canal street with the C-list fake bags.

  • Rashida

    I saw some lovely bags but nothing to write home about. The Row makes nice pieces.

  • Feel guilty about carrying real snake around! (Just as bad as fur!) Just my perspective. Python’s are beautiful..prefer leaving them alone in their natural environment!

    • BookishBabe

      I mean, you could feel guilty about carrying python…
      unless, of course, your bag was made from one of the many THOUSANDS of non-indigenous pythons that are now infesting and causing untold damage to the Florida everglades. I mean, if your bag is made from a species that is destabilizing the ecosystem – and whose infestation was caused by a hurricane’s destruction of a massive warehouse that housed the species not for release into the wild, but for pet ownership and seizure from illegal imports – and severely damaging the environment, you can feel ok about that. After all, there is a show called ‘Python Hunters’ where they are at liberty to track down the snakes before the everglades are completely destroyed as a habitat.

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