Chanel Couture Fall 2014

We rarely cover haute couture on PurseBlog because couturiers rarely release bags along with their handmade, custom-fitted clothing. The couture shows are magical to behold nonetheless, with design houses meticulously showing the best of their crafts in museum-quality pieces. While major houses including Valentino, Christian Dior, and Atelier Versace send couture down the runway sans bags, leave it to Chanel to design bags for its Chanel Couture Fall 2014 collection.

These aren’t the types of bags you expect from Chanel; you won’t find any interlocking Cs or quilted leather. Each couture look had a bag specially designed to coordinate with it, and after the show, Karl Lagerfeld revealed another fun fact: while couture refers to cutting and seaming, Karl Lagerfeld said this collection was haute couture without the “couture” – each piece was molded rather than seamed.

And if these bags don’t strike your fancy, be sure to check out the bags that the celebrities and attendees carried to the shows, which are a delight.

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  • ECooper

    I think all of these are fabulous! Obviously out of most people’s reach, but fun to look at and dream : )

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  • Zezza

    Every single piece of the collection is just devine. The detail in the fabrics are just beautiful….

  • Gia

    Karl L must have had extra fabric and beads….not innovative

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  • Monica

    These are neat, both the bags and the garments. I want to know more about this “molding” process.

    • Monica

      #10 so pretty!!

  • Monica

    I think it’s funny though they put Kendall in what was easily the ugliest piece when everything else was gorg.

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