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  • She’s the bomb. (Does anyone still say that? I do.) Her show (MOST improved), twitter feed, best-selling book, and old blog. LOVE HER. You’ll do a “ManyBagsOfMindyKaling” before too long. Yup.

    • I would LOVE to do a “Many Bags of Mindy Kaling.” Take more pictures of her, paparazzi people!

  • Jess

    many bags of mindy kaling PLEASE

  • kate

    Love her, the show, and the fact and she’s almost always carrying a Chanel bag on The Mindy Project…she carries a few different ones (including a WOC)!!

  • thescm

    I love her, and Mindy Project has turned into a really awesome show. It’s one of only a few shows I’m going to continue watching in the fall.

  • CB

    I adore that show. And I found out from my Mom (she worked with her mom!) that her Mom had an ob/gyn practice with 2 guys, so I think it has to be loosely based on that.

  • Anonymous guest

    I love her so much. Her show and New Girl (which is on right before) are my only shows that i watch without giving the DVR a head start. She’s hilarious.

  • I missed some recent episodes of her shows, will definitely watch them, that yellow bag is looking amazing.

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