Even though it’s widely beloved, fall isn’t my favorite season. That’s mostly because it starts the long, unpleasant slog toward winter, and knowing what’s coming for those of us in the Northeast makes it difficult …

Bag Deals

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Actually, today, it’s just the best of times–not only is it Friday, which is a nice thing on its own, but it’s also …

Hermes Birkin Bag

Even in a particularly crowded luxury handbag market, Hermès occupies a spot unto itself. The bags are scarce, sought-after a simply the best, and they have the price tags that go along with all that …

PurseBlog Asks

I hate air travel but I love airports. There’s no better people-watching than what you’ll find at a major terminal, and yesterday, I traveled through two of the world’s busiest: Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta and JFK …

Buzz Worthy

Even if you’re not familiar with BOYY bags by name, you’ve probably encountered the brand’s designs somewhere along the way. BOYY launched its first collection in 2006 and has been going strong ever since, but …

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton didn’t release detail shots from its Cruise 2017 show, so we’ve been eagerly awaiting the first close-up images of the collections bags, and now we’re excited to have a few to share. The …

This discreet leather tote is a perfect work option: neutral but distinctive and luxe without being flashy. Carven Leather Tote $690 0 Comments Read More
Buzz Worthy

We may be experiencing an unseasonable mid-October warm snap in New York, but don’t let that fool you: time marches on, and so do the fashion seasons. Fall collections are in stores now, but via …

Love It or Leave It

When I first saw the Loewe Amazona Multiplication Bag on the runway, it gave me that little smile you get when you see something clever, but not necessarily funny. Jonathan Anderson, Loewe’s creative director, is …


The Chanel Classic Flap Bag is undisputedly one of the most important accessories in the history of fashion, and its creation, along with those of its 2.55 Flap Bag predecessor and Boy Bag descendent, are …

Bag Deals

Another Friday morning, another round of bag deals for the discount-oriented among us. (And really, who wouldn’t that describe at least some of the time?) In addition to our picks of the best individual sale …

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