What's In Her Bag: Kelly Rutherford (18)

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  • AshleyG

    <3 <3 <3 this lady! She's the perfect unofficial Hermes rep/model. Wish there was a shot of her Hermes wallet! BTW, saw her teary eyed interview on Dateline (I think it was Dateline, anyway) about her kids- I wanted to hug her through my TV!

    • Eli

      I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Amazing post, Kelly is a great actress, love her in Gossip Girl. She also had such a amazing style in real and “Gossip” life.

  • Laura

    I absolutely love her and I think she is stunning! You can totally tell that she takes very good care of her skin.

  • Debbie

    I absolutely love her. I’m 31 years old and she’s one of my style icons. I just love the way she carries herself both on screen and off screen….it’s as if she’s playing herself. I seriously hope in 13 years I look as good as she does.

  • I love Gossip Girl and I think Kelly Rutherford is lovely but Lily Van Der Woodsen – Bass – Humphrey – Bass a great mom? She’s kidding, right? To Chuck, maybe. But to the children she actually birthed, no. Serena was missing for months at the start of the season and she didn’t even know.

    And yes. I still watch Gossip Girl. And no, I’m not proud of it.

    • HC

      I watch it, too, but I am not ashamed. It’s a great, well-written show! I do love Kelly and Lily. I get her saying Lily is a good mother, especially in comparison to the other mothers on the show. She makes a LOT of mistakes, but you can see she genuinely cares about her children and when she makes the mistakes she is upset and doesn’t try to gloss it over or ignore it. Sometimes that’s the best you can do as a mother.
      Anyway, I LOVE Lily’s style on the show. She’s one of those characters that makes you almost believe you can pull off anything as long as you look good doing it.

  • anouk

    The major thing i adore on this “What’s In Her Bag?” is Vlad’s eye on photography! However, i reckon the Hermés crossbody here seems a bit redundant. Yeah, it does show how Kelly takes care of her skin, either THAT or her concealer really does work wonders!

  • Lorie

    Love Kelly Rutherford. Interesting to see what was in her bag. Love the wristlet.

  • always admire her style…simple elegance…effortless

  • vanya minkin

    you are amazing