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  • Happy_kid00

    cool + I love babeblades too! :P

  • M Martell
  • Alex

    i think i have the same oliver peoples spectacles!!! mine are tortoise shell tho!! =)

    • I love animals and bags.

      I love these specs. Do you know the name and/or item number?  I, too, love tortoise shell glasses and have been searching for a classic, quality pair like these for awhile. Any help you offer will be appreciated.

      • meg

        looks like the OP deacon. the wacks is similar but a little more feminine, so check that one out too. (i work for luxottica)

      • Alex

        Yep i got the deacon ones!!! meg is correct! i bought mine from the mr porter website! i get compliments on them all the time, they are such classics…the item number is OV5076 4459 (well thats what it says on the frames lol) good luck!!

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    It’s amazingly horrible to see how many clothing designers draw figures that are essentially stick people in their sketches to model their experimentational designs – no breasts, no hips, no butt.   

  • Jill

    my favorite part is the bag…absolutely gorgeous.  I also like that she has a bit of a sense of humor with the skittles lip balm.  I do have one question though, when can we expect more purseonals!? those are my favorite.

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      We will be doing more PURSEonals! It just takes quite a bit of time but I am always working on them :)

      • Alexandra Davidoff

        Fantastic news. Would love to see a review on more Balenciaga! (the VELO pleeeeeeeese if I may be so insistent.)

      • Megs Mahoney Dusil

        I’ll have to buy one… ;)

      • Alexandra Davidoff

        Oh, sorry – if you do I bet your wallet would want to come kill me!

  • JennyEric

    Love the bag! Plus the “I love money” pouch is probably the cutest thing ever!

  • rose60610

    Great bag, interesting person. Neat clothes, love her drawings.  Never heard of marshmallow fluff vodka, don’t care to try it, will stick to Grey Goose and others, thanks.  I’ll be on the lookout for Tibi clothes.  I agree with her take on Italy, there are lots of other countries I could live in, too.  

  • 19yearslater

    That bag looks fantastic when it has been used a little. The perfect mix of structure and slouch. As usual, looking at the pictures on this feature is one of my favourite parts of the blog. The glasses on mannequin and chess piece are the ones I love most this week.

  • That is a wonderful bag. I love it!

  • kathryn

    a random question, what camera do you use to take these pictures? they always look gorgeous and I’m on the lookout for a new camera. sorry if the question’s been asked already…

    • Anonymous

      Kathryn, I use a Nikon D3s along with a 50mm f/1.4 G Nikkor. 

  • Ruhee

    On first glance I thought the bag was Prada.I just got back from seeing MI4 and the lady assassin was carrying a similar bad, albeit Prada!

  • Martagmaurino

    Me gusta 1000 veces más el tuyo rojo!!!!

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  • Anthéa

    This bag looks so fantastic! Do you know where we can buy it online? Is it still available somewhere?

  • Why do I carry such a big wallet?  Love that she carries so little! Just the essentials like lip balm and La Mer!

  • Sechm

    the economy and politics are not pure perfection in Italy!