This morning I woke up to sleet then snow then rain then a combination of the three. Even though spring has officially sprung, it remains cold and dreary in NYC.

That is why this Wednesday I am wanting warm weather, sunshine, and for Chanel to legitimately make ice cream cones. When this photo started circulating the internet, I momentarily wondered if Chanel indeed decided to make luxury waffle cones. They didn’t, but if Chanel is reading this, I want them to know that I think it should take on the luxury ice cream cone market.

So let’s all close our eyes and pretend that winter is over and beach weather is upon us.

Note to those who live in tropical climates: try not to rub in your weather forecast too much please!

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    Ahah oh gosh it’s amazing, I’ms ure that if chanel would sell this…everyone buys it and, then, noone eats any ice cream in order to conserve the wodnerful cone ;)

  • ninjaninja

    The picture does look really good, but since I’ve found out how they really make ice cream for photo shoots, I’ve never looked at food porn the same way again.

  • Marianna

    Yes, this morning with all the sleet and snow and rain was totally depressing. I am in my office and I refuse to look out the window. I am pretending that I am out on the boat and it’s the middle of July so the water is warm and inviting. I am eating a mango Chanel cone and it’s total bliss! Thanks Megs, I needed that momentary vacation! :)

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    Even with the bad weather, there is no place like NYC!!!

  • Kelly

    yeah, it was so cold this morning that i couldnt wake up to go to Hermes Sample Sale!! But good thing i didnt go, I heard its disappointed.

  • KaylaNiche

    I know some ppl would clamor to actually buy these lol

  • adrienne z

    if i bit into ice cream, my teeth would go berserk!

  • Diana

    LOVE this image! Only Chanel could make ice cream even better.



  • papertiger

    ‘Ice-cream’ is usually made from mash potato so it won’t melt under the lights, yuk!

  • jorlin

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