Typically my Want it Wednesday posts are more specific. But right as the clock struck midnight welcoming 2011, I started to WANT.A.NEW.BAG. Of course I always have bags on my wishlists, but this is a different type of want. I want a new bag to start the new year off.

So today I started thinking. Chanel? Proenza Schouler? Balenciaga? Celine? What exactly do I want?

And is it a problem that I don’t just want one bag but multiples? Yes. Tomorrow I will go to the mall to see what bag calls my name. What handbag do you want this Wednesday?

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    Balenciaga Black Work RH

  • Nikita

    I’m not in love with any of these but I’d go for the Chanel (ipad)

  • Tina

    I don’t know why but Balenciaga has really been speaking to me lately..its probably purseblogs influence. haha (ipad)

  • cl

    that balenciaga has and always will be on the top of the list (ipad)

  • barbara

    I actually bought my first Chanel today!! So I would go with Chanel

  • Mitch

    I like the Balenciaga, but in RH (ipad)

  • Shana

    Definitely a LV GM Damier Trevi (iPad)

  • Kwana

    I really want the Chanle chain bag now. Can’t stop thinking about it. (ipad) kwanawrites@yahoo.com

  • Joanna

    Chanel! You can’t go wrong with a classic (iPad)

  • Caroline

    I want a Proenza Schouler PS1!

    • Caroline

      forgot the (ipad)!

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    Yes, a black Chanel! (ipad)

  • aluxe

    I wanted a YSL easy and purchased on New Years eve. Yay!! I want a LV speedy 35 or 40 in black epi but all of a sudden, I’m craving balenciaga.

    God help me! (ipad)

  • Maggie

    I like the Balenciaga in that pink color! (ipad)

  • tony

    Balenciaga +1 (ipad)

  • wendy

    Balenciaga or Chanel! (ipad)

  • ingrid

    i would like all of the above. and a celine classic box bag. and a chanel gst. and a mulberry lily crossbody. and everythingggg. haha (ipad)

  • Deana

    Anything coach! I love their new line this season! (ipad).


  • Jessica Pang

    I’m looking forward to a Miu Miu coffer.

  • Tonya

    I have no idea!! hmmmm let me think – another oryany would be nice…

  • Tonya

    Oh wait and I would love a classic chanel flap… (ipad)

  • tony

    how about balenciaga on the day and chanel for the night? get 2 bags. (ipad)

  • Sherry

    wednesday bag day :) (ipad)

  • Sherry

    which do i choose (ipad)

  • susan

    Chanel (ipad)

  • Donna C.

    I go back and forth but for the past week or so my mind has been on a Balenciaga City (ipad)

  • S.J.

    balenciaga (ipad)

  • S.J.

    chanel (ipad)

  • nini

    Fendi (ipad)

  • Jenn

    Chanel (ipad)

  • Hope

    Hermes Jypsiere in either blue Jean or Bougainvillea- functional luxury!

  • LAltiero85

    Balenciaga all the way!!!!

  • ~bastet

    I still want a Miu Miu coffer after all these years! (ipad)

  • Mousse

    I don’t want any of the bags pictured. But, I am lusting for a BV runway, medium cabat. We’ll see what our wonderful Tomas Maier brings in 2011. (ipad)

  • Monica

    I’m holding out for another Fendi. The one with the different color on the bottom is so pretty and not at all boring. Yes, I know I should know the name of it.

  • coachwife6

    PS1 or Givenchy Nightingale (ipad)

  • Graefka

    Mulberry Lily! (ipad)

  • Britney Anderson

    Oooh loving that Chanel bag! (ipad)

  • Christine

    I would want the Proenza Schouler or the Celine bag!! (ipad) but yes it is a hard decision!

  • window of happiness

    I love to have Long Champ Le Pliage Darshan Collection, that will be more real to purchase but wake up this morning with LV Tivoli GM in my mind- but for now it a dream! But in your post I would choose Balenciaga.:)( ipad )

  • sebastian Giam

    i want a Jypsiere from Hermes… gorgeous and functional! (IPAD)

  • jocephine

    trying to get variety, so a Celine bag would be nice (ipad)

  • Andrea

    Pink Bal omg yes. (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Of the four, the Balenciaga! (ipad)

  • mm

    Celine Tote

  • nick

    I want a croc RK Boxer II… and got it. Could not resist… Hehe. (ipad)

  • Nicole

    Celine in those colors. (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    there’s the wordless wednesday, and now a want it wednesday too? u always come up with the best stuffs..
    ok, from that list above, i’m gonna go with Bal.. why? the bubblegum colour just sooo juicy for new year.. hehe.. (ipad)

  • Chells

    Want it Wednesday ….Hermes is on my wishlist. (ipad)

  • Jen

    Mmm definitely lusting over that pink bag!! (ipad)

  • 19yearslater

    Go for the Balenciaga! That shade of pink is something that I would not pick for myself in a handbag but it is absolutely gorgeous and if it looks good with your wardrobe it is perfect. (ipad)

  • reneeo

    Hmmmm, there are so many I want……… (ipad)

  • Daisy Han

    well… i want a red chanel bag :) (ipad)

  • Noufa

    I love celline bag but in a different colour

  • Mae

    Peony Balenciaga (ipad)

  • Justine

    I definitely want the balenciaga bag…….. in every color. Chanel. Who doesn’t want Chanel?? (ipad)

  • PurseAdict

    I want them ALL !! (ipad)

  • mrsjones

    i want a veneta!! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    love the balenciaga! (ipad)

  • Jennifer

    If I didn’t have to worry about $$, I’d be going Chanel all the way (ipad)!

  • Christina

    balenciaga all the way! (ipad)

  • Adrienne C

    Jimmy Choo! (ipad)

  • Chloe

    Im so obsessed with the Celine tote its not even funny. Although I am a devoted Bal lover, but theres nothing wrong with a little bit of diversity! (iPad)

  • starqueen_78

    I want a a Marc Jacobs XL single…….. I’m going to hit that buy button next week! And later in the year…… I want a chanel…. not sure what yet. Going to start saving!! (ipad)

  • Mochababe73

    I guess that I am just going to have to be practical because I have been coveting a red, patent Michael Kors Hamilton in a small size. I have GOT to start saving.

  • jen

    I really really want a PS1 these days. I don’t know if I will every get it, but I want it! And I still haven’t forgotten Bottega Veneta, forever on my wish list. Good luck deciding, it’s gonna be tough!(ipad)

  • bisbee

    I would love another BV to keep the one I have company…but I think I’ll be more practical and go for another Alexander Wang – the new spring bags are calling me! (iPad)

  • LDJ

    If I had the $$$, I wouldn’t mind having my first Hermes Crocodile HAC!!!! (Ipad)

  • J

    The Hermes Evelyne!! (iPad)

  • ninjaninja

    The winner seems to be the bal (ipad)

  • gpc

    Chloe – either the chain link hobo or Aurore! (iPad)

  • quimerula

    Chanel. You can’t go wrong with Chanel (ipad).

  • Cate

    Get the Balenciaga!!

    as for me, nothing really is calling my name…perhaps another Balenciaga Giant City in a vivid color. (ipad)

  • Ivana

    the bag i want the most is a birkin (ipad)

  • Ruhee

    Get the PS11.Its about time.(ipad)

  • Stacy

    How about an Hermes Birkin, if money were no object.

  • Allison

    Definitely lusting after a balenciaga. (ipad)

  • SS

    Still loving the beautiful simplicity of the Celine classic box bag. (iPad)

  • PhotoGirl

    I believe I saw that Celine bag in an all-over leopard print. If so, sign me up! (ipad)

  • Leah

    I actually want a new cover for my Kindle (a Christmas present)! Hermes would be nice ;) (ipad)

  • renee

    My New Years Resolution was to stick to a budget :( (ipad)

  • Pam

    I want a black Balenciaga. (ipad)

  • Ana JB

    PS1 and Nancy Gonzales… :)

  • AlliatLoehmanns

    I’m seriously coveting this metallic Chanel flap bag right now…actually, I think I first saw it on here a few months back. Hoping I can find it on discount somewhere…

  • Joyce

    Chanel! (ipad)

  • Patty

    Balenciaga, the pink is just gorgeous! (ipad)

  • spanish moss

    i NEED a bv cabat. (ipad)

  • greenpixie

    I love your choices! The leopard version of the Celine is calling my name. (ipad)

  • annabelle

    I’ll have to agree with you on BALENCIAGA. It’s gorgeous! (ipad)

  • Sonia

    LV artsy! (iPad)

  • Sandra Rowley

    Gucci Greenwich Hobo

  • Tine

    I want a Balenciaga city and a Chanel jumbo caviar stat!! (ipad)

  • NYCSara

    definitely balenciaga!! (ipad)

  • Miriam

    Celine, please (ipad)

  • liliana


  • windy

    Balenciaga please! (ipad)

  • Reena

    I GOt the Balenciaga city Bag & I LOVE IT!!

  • Angie

    Yea I want several handbags too…. How to just get one…. If pick one yo start …. Maybe new Chanel bag will do (iPad)

  • Rita Erbach

    Balenciaga !!! :D for start 2011 with all good vibes!

  • Kelly

    Chanel Chanel Chanel :) (iPad)

  • CMM

    Chanel flap. (ipad)

  • Shopping Lady

    Balenciage giant city in hot orange !!!!

  • ariancita

    I want the Honeysuckle pink Chanel clutch you featured a bit back. *le sigh* (ipad)

  • DTKC

    Chanel is always a good start for a new year. I am obsessing over messenger bags right now so the Chanel Caviar Calfskin messenger bag would be the perfect addition. (iPad)

  • bootsalinda

    Hermes Birkin (ipad)

  • Barb

    A PS1 in purple or tan! (Ipad)

  • connie

    i’d love another mahina! its become my #1 bag! (ipad)

  • Alicia

    A prada fairy (ipad)

  • nicole

    chanel and balenciaga please! (ipad)

  • Rachel

    Is the red quilted bag in the pic the Celine one? Cause I want that! (ipad)

  • Elizabeth

    I’d love a Celine tote. I have a Bal, and the other brands don’t really speak to me. (ipad)

  • Rosecity

    I’d kill for a Celine luggage tote!

  • Limey

    Chanel all the way for me :D (ipad)

  • somethingbags

    a balenciaga and an (ipad)!

  • Chris

    If money were no object – Hermes Jypsiere. I am so in love with it. It is perfection. (iPad)

  • MsLabelsofLust

    pink and chanel look hawt! (ipad)

  • Mel

    I wouldn’t mind getting any of those; look at that Chanel! (ipad)

  • belle

    My heart is set on the Celine Boston tote.

  • Julia

    celine please :) :) (ipad)

  • Alicia

    Balenciaga Giant City in Black!! Hope this baby can be mine in 2011

  • Jaz

    I really want a Chanel black caviar flap bag! (ipad)


    Balenciaga <3 (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    I adore the balenciaga! (ipad)

  • Lucinda

    My first Chanel please! (iPad)

  • Sara

    Out of the four, I’d pick the Celine, but in other colours (ipad)

  • XXAL

    PLEASE stop the Balenciaga madness! I once obsessed over Balenciaga (I still kind of love the Argents & might pursue one if I see it).. but eventually I realized how overrated it has been & how much studs are out of style.. I’ve settled my love with Mulberry but everytime you guys post a Bal, my obsession begins to tinkle again.. please stop. hehe it’s time to move on like I did! (ipad)

  • ob la di ob la da

    the givenchy antigona in orange (ipad)

  • Liz

    a classic chanel bag, please! (ipad)

  • Ellen

    Hermes and Proenza. I would love any classic color Birkin, the linen PS1, and a classic brown PS11. I am happy with what I have but those are on my fantasy list. (ipad)

  • Sheila

    Love that that Bbag and the Chanel, just gorgeous! (ipad)

  • Ilovebags25

    Just deeply inlove with the pink bbag!! (ipad)

  • Rae

    Usually I would say Chanel but lately Celine is at the top of my “I want, I need” bag list. LOL (iPad)

  • Jane H.


  • Cindy

    I’ll take the bal bag. Please, and thank you. (ipad)

  • Candace

    Prada Saffiano Lux Tote for work…yum… (ipad)

  • Fiel

    I love the pink one!! :) (ipad)

  • Lynda

    chanel would be a great purchase (ipad)

  • Shawna

    I’d go with Chanel, for a classic. (ipad)

  • sosti

    Balenciaga is my 2011 WANT/NEED/GOTTA HAVE! (ipad)

  • diYchante

    Balenciaga GSH Ardoise pleaseee…and the one on the right corner, which one is that? PS or Celine?

  • Tiffany

    Definitely the Chanel!

  • Alison J.

    Love that blue and red/orange one … gorgeous! (ipad)

  • shannon

    LOOOOVE the pink balenciaga! (ipad)

  • jillybean307

    I love that bbag (ipad)

  • Roe

    BBAG – have
    Chanel- have
    PS- Don’t care for.
    Celine Tote—–New must have for 1/11

  • Cathy Fitz

    Balenciaga. (ipad)

  • Dominic

    Definitely that Celine, especially with the line making a huge comeback lately. And definitely not the Bal bag. I don’t have any reasons for it, but i think their bags are hideous and look like something someone can buy at Target. (ipad)

  • Sue

    Bottega Veneta (ipad)

  • itilliee

    Balcengia and classic Chanel is on my want list. (ipad)

  • Jenn

    still drooling over the pink one (ipad)

  • terri

    Pink please! (IPAD)

  • HandbagAngel

    Balenciaga of course! (iPad)

  • raffa

    Chanel, chanel, chanel (ipad)

  • Merve

    The Chanel…Im not digging BBag in pink (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    I am so in love with the chanel, so pretty (ipad)

  • felicia

    celine celine celine(ipad)

  • Rimini


  • Tracey G

    loving the colors on the chanel (ipad)

  • helen

    The pink one! Definitely would be my choice. :) (ipad)

  • kneehighz

    balenciaga!!! (ipad)

  • Nasha sofea

    I love chanel….of course!

  • trisha

    I’ll go for celine anytime

  • Charlotte

    Proenza Schouler! (ipad)

  • Helen

    Definitely the Balenciaga! (iPad)

  • mango

    all 4 of these are amazing (ipad)

  • Tiffany

    I want that Chanel and Balenciaga…(ipad)

  • GorgeouslyAwesome

    chanel of course! dont like the balenciaga in pink, looks cheap to me. (ipad)

  • Kim

    Balenciaga and Chanel, my favs<3

  • Kim

    Opps, I mean: Balenciaga and Chanel, my favs<3 (IPAD)

  • Jen

    Balenciaga!!! Such smooshy, buttery leather…yumm! (ipad)

  • Justine

    BALENCIAGA!!!!!! (ipad)

  • KY

    Chanel and Balenciaga!! (ipad)

  • Emma G

    Chanel for sure (ipad)

  • Elaine

    Gotta fill in those holes! I’m guessing you’ve already got the basics (Chanel, Balenciaga) so I’m rooting for the Proenza Schouler. (ipad)

  • swati

    Balenciaga – hands down …. i can’t get myself to like this celine …. a lot of people love it, i have seen it all possible variations but i can’t get myself to like it (ipad)

  • beanyce126

    i would prefer CHANEL. (ipad)

  • ladyjessica42

    Oh the Celine is fun!! But I would probably choose the Chanel– definently timeless and super chic! (ipad)

  • Deborah Curran

    oh, I’d go with the Chanel – love it! ipad

  • Antonia

    Balenciaga! (ipad)

  • Desaria

    loving the pink purse (ipad)

  • nini

    Balenciaga (ipad)

  • Heidi

    Chanel & Balenciaga for sure! (ipad)