Did you notice how I turned the noun watch plural in the title? That wasn’t merely because I am showing more than one version, that is because I truly want a whole collection of Chanel J12 watches. From what I have been told, collecting J12 watches becomes quite the addiction and I can easily see why.


I am not much of a watch girl myself. I appreciate watches for the functionality they bring us but think of them more as a statement piece. If I am to wear a watch, I want it to be the J12. There are so many options and the design of the watch is geometric, simple and graphic.

Since Chanel knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the J12 comes in diamond embezzled renditions as well. I would settle for either of these options, but even having a little glimmer with diamond markers would make my heart go pitter patter. More via Chanel.com.


I have said that black comprises everything. So does white. They possess absolute beauty.” – Gabrielle Chanel

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