There are times where I simply shake my head in disbelief. A good example would have to be with this bag. I know that Versace is a force to reckon with. Yes, Versace is a fashion powerhouse, but at what point should someone take a step back and say, “although we are Versace, there is no way we can ask this price for this bag”? I am just going to say it, the Versace Venus Ostrich Stamped Patent Bag is overpriced. First of all, this is ostriched-stamped shiny patent leather! Ostrich-stamped folks. Sure, the bag looks extremely textured, but to me, not in a good way. The handles are also patent leather which attach to the patent leather bag with chain link shoulder straps. And let me say one more thing, that sure is a lot of patent leather. For me, patent leather should follow the rule of moderation. To be honest, the only thing I really like about this bag is the satin lining. Satin lining makes my heart happy. Ok, yes, I can picture plenty of people sporting this bag, but not this girl. With the kind of price tag associated to this patent leather bag, would you buy it? If so, you can buy it through eLuxury for $2,880.

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  • Anilu Magloire

    My eyes!!!!! Awful, awful bag.

  • Versace truly makes some hideous designs. I just am not feeling this one at all…

  • Diesel&Coco

    While I applaud them for trying to do something different, I think the material is better suited for a smaller bag. Next!

  • coco13

    To be honest it’s typical Versace; flash, brash and over the top. No, I would never buy it, partly because it is STAMPED ostrich, partly because it is very overpriced and partly because it’s Versace. I just don’t think they are relevant anymore, they still look like a throwback to the 80’s.

  • sweetneet

    i agree with megs. some of the Versace bags are very loud & odd looking. they’re head-turners, but not in a good way. lol

  • Merve

    Im tryin to understand how Versace is/became powerhouse, I really agree with the comment ‘throwback to the eighties’. This bag is so wrong for many reasons. The price??? ah hello???

  • Jane H.


  • mette

    There is just too much going on with this bag. I don´t like the chain on the handles nor the out popping label. Take them away. The stamped patent ostrich is enough itself. The price too is way too high.

  • shree

    Sorry I love this bag. Its absolutely stunning. I just dont have the money to own one. : (

  • Paulina

    Wow, this bag is terrible. I like ostrich and I like patent, but the two should not be mixed together.