Versace Venita Bow SatchelOh my! Very rarely do I start of talking about the price of a handbag, but in this case, I have to. I cannot believe this handbag is over $4,000! I know, I know, it is Versace and perhaps I should be used to these kind of price tag, but still, c’mon now. Ok, let me talk about the handbag a bit. The Versace Venita Bow Satchel is a new piece from the spring 2009 line. Wide swaths of gorgeous pink leather topped with some trapunto stitching definitely work well together. Now add a logo-topped bow and double handles and the entire bag comes together. I like the overall soft, whimsical and feminine look of this handbag. This is definitely a handbag that you don’t see often. Although a quick glance might lead you to think the bag is a tad messy, I think it works. If I could talk to the folks over at Versace I would definitely be curious to know where the inspiration came from. What a fun and flirty handbag to sport this Spring, now if I could just collect all the pennies from all the couches across America I might be in luck. Pre-order through Nordstrom for $4395.

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  • QueenMAB

    Sorry – I think it looks like a pepto-pink colored ace bandage got haphazardly wrapped around a satchel by a deranged person who then stapled a Versace plate to the front. I’ll pass.

  • Anita

    I don’t like it and the price is stupid.

  • hazel

    I like it, I think it looks super pretty and girly, but I hate the price tag, it’s just too much even if it is a big brand name. We are in a recession here. Le sigh.

  • Cassandra

    well, at first glance it looks pretty. But second look, uh-oh. there’s something about the color that’s just wrong,i cant explain it, but does anyone see the wrong-ness of the color? actually the design is kinda good, but wrong color .. and over-priced.

  • deka

    i acutally like it!
    but that price is insane

  • wgs

    ooooh, the price is crazy for a simple leather bag….you would think with that price, there would be python or ostrich on it. Not much bang for your buck!

  • ijm

    I have to agree with the previous comment that at first glance it looks ok, but then it looks crazy just like the price.

  • Jennifer

    I think it is a good bag and I would totally rock it with some black jeans, however if I actually went out and bought it I would be wearing nothing but paper bags!

  • Angela

    It’s a fabulous bag, but please over $4,000.00 is outrageous. I’ll wait for the knock off!

  • Free

    If anyone I knew ever found out that I paid that much for a bag that didn’t also pick-up my daughter from school, do my laundry and massage my back every night, I’d get slapped!

  • aosgrl

    For a leather bag …not exotic ….leather. Wow! someone needs to call Donatella and let her know there’s a global recession going on. Or maybe this is just for the marie antoinette’s of the world.

  • Sofy

    The bag is gorgeous! the color, the bow, everything works together just perfectly. But the price is way to high for this kind of simple leather bag.

  • emm

    albeit cute
    way too expensive

  • Rochelle K

    I think this bag is capital A! adorable! I wouldn’t pay $4k for it though…even though it IS a Versace…well…maybe I would…

  • WHY

    A Cute piece But 4K. No way!!..

  • Merve

    I think that the design is kind of funky in a very girly way but it has to be another colour because baby pink and bows is just an overdose on the girliness. Imagine that bag in a nice chocolate brown or black then change the material to ostrich/croc etc and keep the price tag.. Otherwise its an overpriced bag that looks like it got blown up to adult size from a little 8yrs olds barbie bag collection.

  • Carolina

    crazy price, stunning bag though…

  • Hermes

    the bag looks like a peach..The design is really funny! But the price is least i think so.

  • Sophia

    Really beautiful handbag but the price is ridiculous. So offputting!

  • susan

    not going to pay $4000 for it…it’s way too much

  • Cherie L.

    love the bag. can’t believe this kind of genius is coming from atelier versace. are they turning around. BUT the price is insane regardless of the recession. no all-lambskin bag should cost that much.

  • M_butterfly

    Come on!!! What is the matter with designers nowadays. Granted the bag is so darling and cute. A girly girl’s dream come true but the price heart me badly!!

  • tony

    looks like a good wrapped christmas prensent. i am not sure i would want to carry it thou.

  • LT

    I was just at the store today to buy this bag. I was completely in love with it. However, my girlfriend was just holding it and the handle broke because the little spring came out. I am so glad that it happened! Or else I would be down 4000 and a broken purse!

  • ecmf

    I like it, its cute and different BUT at over $4000 forget it. Waaaaaaay tooooooooo much

  • MM

    I really like it, but I love pink and bows.

  • lipvixen

    Over $4,000? Rob a bank why don’t you! It is very pretty but I would have preferred a either much paler shade of pink (blush, ice) or a periwinkle blue.

    Well, since I can’t afford it the issue is moot!

  • Forint

    Went to look at myself lastnight. It feels amazing, the leather is so well done. The pink is very nice in person, better than the black but the price was a NO NO NO for us.

  • Maha Bahrain

    You should see it in black .. woooooow
    Every time I go shopping I enjoy carrying it for few minuts in the boutique!!!
    Although I can afford still I think it’s stupid to pay such an amount.

  • renier

    Cant say i like how exposed the name is… and this comes from someone who likes monogram! HA! i know, complete double standard… but what can you do.

    overall a nice bag from versace is hard to come by,

  • rosann

    Just bought this lovely bag on sale at Neiman Marcus online. I paid 3096.00 because they ran a 30% off special for a day online. I am very pleased. Color is prettier than picture and looks a lot classier in person.

  • hermes handbags

    I like this design. very creative. nice color, and the best part is the bondage style :)
    I usually buy at not sure if they will have it in stock soon.

  • Dazey

    >>”I would definitely be curious to know where the inspiration came from.”<<

    A straight jacket, perhaps?

  • AW

    Very discreet for a Versace bag but of course they had to dump it in this pepto bismal color :(