Every handbag lover out there has a different taste. While this means so many of us can be on complete opposite ends of the interest spectrum, it means that designers are pushed to create a plethora of designs for us. So, no matter what you like, we all win!

And as someone who spends more hours than most staring and evaluating handbags, I can appreciate the quality of a bag even if I would never be caught dead carrying it myself. However, there are times, when for the life of me, I cannot decide if I like a bag or not. This Versace bag fits that category perfectly.

When I first came across this bag, I spent some time looking back at the Versace bags we’ve covered here at PurseBlog. And Amanda said it best when she said that we aren’t the front running members of the Versace handbag fan club. I for one *want* to love Versace handbags, but they tend to confuse me.

The Versace Studded Leather Shoulder Bag definitely boasts elements that I like, but I think there simply might be too much going on. Now, if you are willing to wear a very minimalistic outfit, this bag really could be perfect, but other than that, there would definitely be too much going on.

Obviously, there is a ton of hardware on this bag. So much so that I wonder how much it weighs. This black leather bag is adorned with pale-gold studs. It can be carried as a shoulder bag (also with stud detailing) or a clutch which is always nice. There is a fold-over flap lined in neon lime-green. It’s a bright color but not super noticeable when the flap is closed. Open up the bag and you’ll find cream satin. Again, I like this bag, on some level, but I’m just not sure. But, what do you think, love it or loathe it? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1795.

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  • myriadmaze

    I actually like it. Generally, I do not like black handbags. But I am really liking this one. I agree with you on the ‘too much going on’ bit. Bit it gives it a nice edgy kinda look. The kind of bag u can wear wid studded boots and a black lacy dress for dat romantic-edgy look.

  • Purse Pixie

    I understand what they’re trying to do but think they went a bit too far. I like a bag with some edge but not one that looks like it’s wearing armor.

    • Reese

      agree. armor was my first thought. loathe…

  • michelle

    I don’t like it at all. Too much going on.

  • Valentina

    The ultimate studded bag… Not really into it.

  • fountain

    Don’t like it. The bag screams for attention. How come a fashion power house like Versace have not been able to come up with a decent bag yet?

  • Merve

    Its the perfect bag to carry if you are going to war in medival England. I think it will go rather fabulously with my chain mail armour.

  • mochababe73

    I think that I could use this as a deadly weapon. Since I live in the 4th largest city in America, I might need it.
    As much as I love over the top handbags, this one is not something that I would ever spend my hard earned money on.

  • 5percentfake

    Totally depends on what you wear it with – I suspect someone with the right attitude could rock it. Not everyone can pull off Versace and, for me, that’s what makes the label great. You can’t just drape yourself in Versace, you have to *be* Versace or you’ll look like a naff git. Brave :)

  • Tyler

    I’ve seen this bag in real life at my local store, its very light!! The hardware doesn’t make the bag heavy at all, and there are a few separate compartments. Very practical and nice bag IMO

  • Sofia Nolan

    definitely loather it.

  • Ashley

    LOOOVE it!

  • zoe

    too many studs…it would be better if there just half of the studs. i would like to share a site with fashion handbags to you. hope you would like it.