Versace Baroque Printed Bag, $995 via Net-a-Porter

I’m as hard on Versace as anyone, but I like to think of it as a tough love situation. I talk smack because I want the brand to improve its handbags, not because I take any particular delight in its struggles. Although I have to admit, some of the company’s past bags have been almost delightfully bad, so there may have been a modicum of enjoyment on my part.

Versace may have turned the corner, though. The past couple seasons of ready-to-wear have been intriguing, and during the same period of time, I’ve noticed a conspicuous and considerable lack of Versace purses that make me want to throw a small fit. Not to mention that I actually like the Versace Baroque Printed Bag in all of its pattern-on-pattern glory.

This bag works for a few reasons. First, mixed patterns are having a moment in fashion right now, so the maximal look of brocade on leopard seems relevant in the context of current trends. Second, these two patterns in particular have a very “Versace” look to them, which results in a successful balance of brand identity and modern fashion ideas. Third, the bag isn’t very big. When an item is ornate and mixes several bold elements, a smaller scale tends to be kinder to the finished look. As is usual with Versace, I think the price is a tad steep for a simply structured felt bag with only leather trim, but for the first time in a long time, that’s the only trepidation I have. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $995.

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  • DorianGray

    I really like the Versace purses I saw in their new FW ads but even this one (which I saw in Lady Gaga’s hands several weekend ago) has a unique attitude, the Versace attitude (in a good way now). I think it’s from pre-fall collection.

  • Faiza

    usually i don’t like Versace bags but i kinda like it….i love gold and i’m loving leopard.

  • Lola

    Never a Versace fan before but saw the new Givenchy fall/Winter 2011/2012 ad campaign and at first glance thought Versace was coming back with a better version of their original products.
    Is Givenchy ripping off Versace or were they just really inspired by Versace or is that just my imagination?.

    • DorianGray

      It was not your imagination Lola. Here is the Donatella Versace interview to Riccardo Tisci in which he talks about his love for Gianni and Donatella creations. I think Givenchy collection looks at Gianni days while the new Versace items are more Donatella’s style (at her best, finally).

  • Cris

    I love this one! It reminds me so much more of the late Gianni Versace designs

  • MizzJ

    This is so strange, but I am oddly drawn to this bag… it’s mix of patterns and OTTness is fascinating.

  • nappy

    i love it! very vintage Versace.. i remember i was a kid and all the fashionable and rich set were dressed in head to toe versace.. the silk satin, the medusa head, the medusa buttons, it’s just so iconic.. and back then you’re not someone unless you’re in Versace…

  • Karin bag4bag

    Well it’s a bag that certainly demands attention ! Too much happening on this bag for my taste, but I sort of get what it is trying to do.

  • Chele

    One of the better Versace bags I’ve seen but still not something I’d buy.

  • AW

    LOOOOOVE this! old fashioned decadence is my favorite and although yes the price is steep for a little non-leather bag, the uniqueness makes it worth it.