Here’s Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta coming out of a building in NYC, playing the part of exorbitantly wealthy (yet slightly confused) ingénue this week, instead of walking piece of performance art that she was days ago. (We love you both ways, Lady Gaga. Don’t ever change.) She’s carrying a Versace Medusa Tote, which is from the Spring 2014 runway and, as you might suspect, not available to the masses just yet. While you’re waiting for this bag to hit shelves, you can bide your time by shopping a pleasing selection of Versace at Net-A-Porter, or by perusing Gaga’s extensive handbag collection.

Lady Gaga is practically everywhere these days: New York, London – she’ll even be in SPACE in the very near future. I’m not even joking. In 2015, Lady Gaga will reportedly be capping off a three-day, high-tech music festival called Zero G Colony at Spaceport America in New Mexico with a performance aboard a Virgin Galactic Spaceship. She aims to become the first performance artist to do her thing in zero gravity. Which begs the question – what does one wear on one’s first outing to space?

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9 years ago

The name of this Versace bag is Palazzo and even Selena Gomez carried one during Milan Fashion Week.

Petra B.
9 years ago

Wow, she even wears single-sole pumps!