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Before taking a look at the stills from Versace Fall 2012, I had heard the collection repeatedly described as Rooney Mara-inspired and high-end goth and all of these other things that made me think that the handbags stood a chance in hell of being really, really good. I was hopeful, you guys. Genuinely hopeful. I should know better by now. When Versace is involved, that sort of hope can only end in disappointment.

The bags in this collection could have been darkly luxurious and full of interesting detail. Instead, it looked like Ed Hardy had provided the accessories for Donatella’s runway show, all tacky cross prints and unfortunate bling. Although I’m not sure if it’s fair to criticize Versace for being too crassly and uncreatively 80s – after all, that’s perhaps similar to criticizing Dior for being too New Look. And actually, the clothes themselves were in fact quite nice at times. The clutches, though, were terrible, and they were only saved in part by the distraction of a few bicolor croc flap bags that showed a bit of promise. Even then, Donatella just had to festoon the straps with a giant, blinged-out V, because apparently the brand can’t help itself but to go at least one giant step past good taste.

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  • mga13

    The flap bags are not bad and I will dare to say that the orange and black one is good, but the clutches look like giant cosmetic pouches from an 80’s Wallmart sale, and not like something good that came out of the sale, but a leftover. I love jeweled crosses but that print looks tacky. Not even ugly-chic, just plain tacky. The problem with Versace bags is that they will look slightly acceptable only with the rest of the outfit, in a very collection-centered way. Donatella: Leave the wacky maximalist prints on those satin blouses the brand makes so well, bags are bags and clothes are clothes.

  • Claudia Calistro

    Não precisa ir ao Fashion week para deliciar os olhos com bolsas bem descoladas, e o melhor de tudo com o preço ótimo !!!
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  • Renata

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  • Marie Martell

    If you want to be noticed than this is the bag for you!

  • 19yearslater

    They look like bedazzled make-up bags.

  • Nnedinma

    I really think you are unfair to versace….may not be your personal taste and preference but you always slam their bags….not that they care about your opinions anyway….

    i have two versace bags and quite frankly i adore them…a lot more that some great bags i have…so to each his own….

  • Ekaterina933

    i love them, im such as a fan ) they always come up with something new, some of them are good some of them not very, but not the constant repetitive styles just with different types of leather or patterns, as other designers do. Go on Versace !!! ))