Ladies and gentlemen, you might want to make sure there are no Valentino fanatics in the room when you look at this bag, because frankly, it is beyond appalling.

Similar to my view on people, I like to find the good in handbags. Even when a certain bag has missed the mark, I do my best to point out the positive features while making note and keeping in mind the flaws. However, I have very few positives to point out with this Valentino creation. But, like so many bad bags that could have been good, this one had potential; but any potential it had has been completely lost and forgotten with the hideous ruffles. You’ll see what I am talking about after the jump, but, remember, I warned you!

So here it is, the Valentino Rouch Fringed Leather Hobo. Are you gasping like I did or are you loving it? The funny thing is that I actually began writing about this bag the other day and I am finishing it today – and it is now sold out. So, as you can probably predict, I am basically speechless. I don’t know how this bag could be sold out. But now, onto the bag.

The designers behind this had not only the best intentions but also a spot on vision. If you can look passed the ruffles, which I realize is hard to do, you will find a really fabulous bag. The silver laser-cut fringing actually reminds me of the Burberry Prorsum Medium Osprey Leather, which I still love. The laser-cut fringing is a feature I truly admire. However, it is hard to appreciate when all you can really notice is the oversized ruffles. I see absolutely no purpose – not for function nor fashion. This bag is lined with black satin which I appreciate. But, unfortunately the ruffles did so much damage that I can’t really even begin to think about appreciating the rest of the bag. If you disagree, cross your fingers and perhaps Net-a-Porter will restock, at $2880 a piece.

Sweet Summertime

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