Tisk, tisk, tisk. To me, this bag is just all wrong. I really don’t know what the designers were doing over at Valentino when they came up with this idea. The Valentino Petale Tote doesn’t just hurt my eyes, but it also would undoubtedly hurt my wallet. The layers of black tulle make this handbag look cheap and simply thrown together haphazardly. Not only that, but could you imagine how the tulle would feel as it rubs against your arm as you run around trying to take care of errands? I doubt it would feel good. I guess one good thing is that when it comes to how you can carry the bag, you have options. There are double patent leather handles and a detachable patent shoulder strap. Now of course, don’t hesitate to let me know if you think I am off base here, but for the price, is there anything about this purse that is worth it? Buy through Saks for $1,495.

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  • jane

    I actually really like it…I think it’s very chic and classy, and the tulle adds a little flare against the normally boring black. Also, this is obviously a winter bag, so why would the tulle rub up against your arm unless you’re wearing short sleeves?

    • lori

      l love love love this purse. I have several of them (real). It is so glamorous and the weight is perfect–not to mention the little attached purse on the inside.

  • mette

    Valentino has this `thing´with roses(not bad) and bows. Some are ok some not. Not sure about this one.

  • amante

    I find Valentino bags to be craftsy… which is both good and bad. Good because they don’t just give you a plain bag slapped on with a giant logo plate or made from tacky uninspired monogrammed material. Bad because the designs (with all the roses and bows as described above) are getting tired and too literal (and maybe even unsophisticated…?) and ultimately looking like something from Etsy (which I love and isn’t bad except that Valentino bags are a hefty $1,500)

  • NK

    I kind of like this bag
    kind of
    i do think it looks rather cheap in the picture
    but i love the artistic detail. (maybe bc im in art school?) :]
    but I would def have to see it in person

  • Jen

    I would not spend more than 20 dollars on a bag made of tulle.. Though it would be lovely in a baby pink or beige leather!

  • Jane H.


  • daisyjane

    Is the idea to wear this with your tu-tu?
    It’s a crazy waste of tulle,and don’t even
    get me started on the price!

  • Maria

    I really like this bag! sooo Valentino.. although a bit expensive for tulle.

  • huong

    I really like this bag, but I think black doesn’t go with the design.

  • Isaac

    I think the OP is off on this one. I wonder if she has seen or carried the bag in person? I would agree NK though which states the picture makes it look cheap. This bag is gorgeous in person and would look better without the sides tucked in. The tulle isn’t rough at all and I’m sure that was considered during design and manufacturing. I saw this in person at OPM in Minneapolis – if you are on the fence I’d check it out first.

  • Leah

    I love the Valentino roses & bows. an elegant artistic version of the traditional decorations on handbags. can’t wait to see the next incarnations.

  • Timothy

    Actually, this bag can be used as a tote too. You have to see it to really appreciate it. Women always stop to admire it and even ask,
    “does it come in white!”

  • Lyzbeth

    The photo doesn’t do the purse justice. I buy one high-end purse a year, and it doesn’t happen through careful consideration. Usually, I see the purse and I know, without a doubt, that I need to have it and that it will b e my purse for the year. Such was the case with the Valentino Petale Tote. In reality, the tulle is a comfortable material and the craftsmanship is incredible. The rose looks much prettier in real life than in the photo, and the fact that the purse is somewhat transparent but not fully is an interesting detail. And for Huong, this purse comes in a dark violet color as well, which may be even lovelier.

  • babyfresn

    I like this bag. Especially those in other leather color. This picture doesn’t do this bag it justice.

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