Valentino Patent Histoire Bag
Valentino Patent Histoire Bag

I, along with most of the handbag loving world, really fell in love with the Valentino Histoire Bag after seeing Angelina Jolie and Zahara carrying matching versions. In that photo alone I was ready to go find Valentino, beg him to make me a mini version of the bag, and then have a baby girl really quick. The problem was finding Valentino and convincing him (oh yea, and having the child). So instead I just kept looking of the mother-daughter pictures and falling in love. But the Histoire Bag has not always been my cup of tea. It has quite a bit going on and can be overwhelming. And the colors never really suited me. But then I saw the light amethist and rose options on the Valentino Patent Histoire Bag and I found a reason to fall in love with this Valentino bag. These are both perfect spring and summer colors! The bag by no means looks dainty, so it is a great mix of feminine colors on bold handbag. The topstitching is done in black and there is gold tone hardware. The braided leather details and two front flap pockets are integral parts of the Histoire and make it what it is. Typically these aspects were a tad overpowering, but with the purple and rose versions it tones it all down perfectly. I fell back in love with this bag and now I am determined to find Valentino and tell him I need mini versions of these colors. Let’s see how that goes. Buy through Saks for $1795.

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  • roe

    I personally love the Histoire bag. I wonder if it will stand the test of time. I wonder if it will be considered a classic or will it fall in the pit of expensive trendy bags

  • mette

    Oh no,these bags are just awful. I don´t like the shape,the colors,there is just too much of e v e r y t h i n g going on.Maybe this is a cultural opinion. You American´s seem to love everything that is so,so super.I prefer clothes,shoes and bags that aren´t so striking.

  • LoveforCocoChanel

    I love this bag especially the one that angelina jolie has! I must have one of these bags.

  • rorosity

    I saw that Violet Histoire in Nordstrom yesterday. It was a beauty. The price I didn’t like so much. I don’t usually go for bags with this much going on, but I kind of liked this one, especially the color.

  • pursecrzy

    Not my favourite.

  • Tracy

    Does anyone know what the interior color of the red/burgandy patent Histoire bag is? Black or off-white?

  • fashionlover

    I really like the pink one, but it’s a bit pricy if not on sale. Also, I really wonder it will just be the trend of the season. If I spend so much on a bag, it gotta be a classic so that I could use it for many seasons :oops:

  • bebe_tc

    OMG I just went to get this purse it is so beautiful is so trendy and the white one is just incredible that’s the one I got !!! I AM SO Happy

  • Kinny

    Drooling over the purple!The pink looks a bit cheap though.

  • Niknaks

    U can purchase the Histoire at the Woodbury Outlet in NY for $799. They have various colors. i.e. white and cream in patent…as well others in non patent.

  • haya

    hi for all

    i have question i want to see all the colors of this bag ? any website can help me ?

    thanks for all