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We all know Angelina Jolie loves her Valentino Braided Leather Shoulder Bag. Not only does Angie love it, but now Zahara does also. While carrying Princess Z around NYC, the mother-daughter-duo sported chic style and matching designer handbags. Now I am not always a fan of matchy-matchy, but in this scenario it is so perfect I am completely drawn in and dead set on getting matching bags for my kids, my friends kids, my grandchildren, etc. Angelina and Zahara both rocked out the Valentino Braided Shoulder Bag while in New York City, only difference is Zahara carried a mini-version. This handbag, also dubbed the Valentino Histoire Bag, has been a huge hit for the house. If you ask me, you will not find this mini-version of the Histoire in stores, it may very well be one of a kind made solely for little Zahara. All I can say is lucky girl! Buy the ‘large’ version at Saks.

Edit: I just spoke with my SA at Valentino in Bal Harbour and she informed me it was specially made for Zahara!

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angelina zahara valentino bags3

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  • keya

    aww, that is adorable!

  • Jennifer

    That is just too cute!

  • ShoeGurl

    I want Angelina to adopt me!

  • Amy Williams

    That is the cutest thing!

  • Jose

    HOT! Z really knows how to work that bag!!!!

  • girladvenger

    :mrgreen: Zahara has a Valentino bag at 2. LMAO too cute!

  • fashion in the making

    Zahara rocks the bag better then her mom CUTE

  • Jahpson

    OMG! That is SO adorable!

  • MING

    “Hey Z, when you are done with it, pass it over to me will ya?? I don’t mind if it is a little sticky or something.”

  • Ms. Annabelle

    Wow something about it looks so photoshopped, but im glad you confirmed it with the SA, so cool

  • ayee

    Wow… this bag is hot! I’ve always loved this bag even if it was totally dissed here the first time it came out. ;)

  • Michelle

    Aww, boo.
    The mini-Valentino would have made such a fantastic clutch :cry:

  • Milly Anderson

    Aww … that is SO cute.

  • kendra

    cute..cute…cute….Z is a lucky girl!

  • Judy

    That is precious. I bet Valentino is going to have to market the mini-bag now. All the moms on the Upper East Side are going to want matching bags for themselves and their little princesses.

    Lady Z is too much. I’ve never seen a child her age with so much personality. She is going to be drop-dead gorgeous when she grows up.

    • Jahpson

      the bag was made specially for her, so they are not making copies

  • pinkangel

    OMG that is so cute that beautiful Z has a bag like her Beautiful Mom.

  • 48

    I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll:

  • dina

    The lil bag is just too cute!! Ange is wearing the bvlgari carbon gold watch… i love it!

  • Margarita

    Awwww too cute!

  • justified

    bag is so cute but at this age if she uses Valentino,what she would use when she is 18

  • dfd

    honestly this is ‘cute’ – in a sappy kind of way – but is she really doing the kid any favors raising her like that? when there is nothing to aspire to you raise spoiled kids. in situations where the kids/parents have ‘everything’ you have to build in the checks and balances. i know we are here to celebrate our superficiality but my superficiality has limits and i guess this is one of them… i am surprised at her going for this given her UN/activist/good mom media persona…

    • honiebrown_00

      I totally agree with you. i know that AJ has all the money in the world, but am still surprised at her using expensive accessories after seeing everything that’s going on at the otherside of the world… and now giving her 3 year old daughter a bag worth $1K??? whether she can afford it or not, it’s the principle of it. she is trying to represent all the less fortunate children and she does this????? does not make sense.

    • sheba

      look celebrities get bags for free and they sent the bag as a thank you because angelina has popularized the bag. newsflash they are wealthy, this is just like a middle class mother and daughter pair both enjoying a coach bag. i hardly doubt that one FREE bag is going to “spoil” that little girl and one photograph is scant evidence of how she “raises” her. she enjoys her valentino and her child enjoys the valentino and it’s supercute THE END.

      • honiebrown_00

        whether the bag is free or whether it was bought – it is the representation of it. Like I said, it’s the principle of it. a perfect example is: somebody who is representing the fight against blood diamonds – and then wearing one because it was a GIFT – does that make sense? I don’t think so…

      • honiebrown_00

        AJ is no ordinary figure who can disappear into oblivion and not be noticed like us. She has set herself up as an ambassador to the UN and champion of the less fortunate. using expensive accessories go against everything that she is representing… that’s what bothers me about this whole picture. Yes, other people do the exact same thing, but those people are not a representation of anything to the magnitude that AJ is portraying :?:

  • ariel lewis

    Too cute for words, mom and daughter, talk about a fashion plate, at such a young age.

  • Landroverdisco

    It comes across as a play toy more than anything. Truthfully, she doesn’t dress Zahara in particularly stylish girly clothing. She tends to put her in unisex clothing.

  • Judy

    That bag may have been made especially for little Z, but Valentino is no fool; if enough people want to buy one, he’ll market it just like the adult size bag. He sees $ signs everywhere.

  • dfd

    is it fair to use a child as a billboard? an advertising campaign? it is one thing for valentino to try, it is quite another for her to accept. celebs receive many gifts and do not use them all nor do they have to. is it fair to instill such levels of materialism on someone so young? given everything she ‘stands for’ shouldn’t she be auctioning that stuff on ebay and donating the money to the third world? at best this is hypocrisy at worst she is clueless… frankly it is surprising to me as they are usually far more low key than this. this is britney/paris levels of bad taste/bling

  • jay

    that is so cute

  • Christs

    what’s wrong with you mean spirited people, this is like back when Princess Diana came to Chicago to raise money for charity and fox news decided to do a list of how much she spent for hotel, food, etc. and entitled the list “Money that did NOT go to Charity.” People should be appreciated for taking time out of their busy life to do good for the world. AJ has done so much good for the world, why should she not carry around a bag or two, and why should her child (just bc its her child) get flack for carrying a nice bag that was probably free to begin with. All you people that are talking about “principles” what have you done for orphans and third world refugees. Get off your couch and laptop and do something if you want, you people are so sick!

    • Annalisa

      Totally agree, Christs. After all, why are we on this blog, in the first place? Because we love fashion and handbags, that’s why. No one on here can tell me that if they got a custom-made Valentino in the mail, they would send it back and say, “Nah, I don’t want people to get the idea that I am wealthy and materialistic.” HAHA. NEVER gonna happen. And P.S., it should be no newsflash that AJ is very wealthy! Why are people acting like it is such an ostentacious display of wealth, to carry designer, when you are a multi-millionaire? What is she supposed to do, wear a Jansport backpack? LMAO! I mean, I am a college student and make $12 an hour at my job, and I have 2 kids, so obviously, I am not the Valentino demographic, but I do appreciate designer, and if I was AJ, hell yes I would be carrying it. For me, I am extremely happy to simply buy a second-hand Bulga or Marc by MJ off of ebay, but maybe in the future, I will carry Valentino! And I also totally agree that the people who are complaining that she should be giving the bag money to charity, probably NEVER give to charity, or do anything for third world refugees, themselves. Ms. Jolie does a tremendous amount for charitable causes, but she is a real person, not a saint. If she wants to spend some of her money, now and then, on herself and her kids, she is entitled! It’s funny that people who are do-gooders, become held to an insanely high standard, and then are criticized when they want to do anything for themselves, whereas people who never do a darn thing for anyone alse, are never expected to. It seems to me that all these people have a major case of sour grapes.

  • dfd

    this is waaaay off topic but just because you don’t me and other people you disagree with christs does not mean that we do nothing with respect to our principals. i may not be high profile enough to be a UN representative but i have – among other things – established a legal clinic for free representation and information at a battered women’s shelter… and i am wasting my time here that much is true.

  • merve

    Honiebrown i totally agree with you, but unfortunately AJ has always been a contradiction of terms. Yes she has done wonderful UN work but she should be sensitive to the example she is setting. That poor girl zahara hasnt got a shot in hell for a normal life, her options were being riddled with aids in an ethiopian orphanage, or being carted around the world with numerous siblings according to the whims of her “on the verge of breaking up” parents and paparazzi in tow.

  • cgr

    best pic of zahara nad her mom ever!!!! :wink:

  • Kim

    Like a toddler REALLY needs a designer purse. :roll:

  • Jann

    awww… its so sweet… hw i wish dat my mom is lyk angie. jus buy me a valentino bag wen im stil so young…

  • Haydee

    I don’t think it’s a crime to indulge yourself a freebie and at the same time has the heart of a gold to help others. You criticize those who don’t have any fellowship with the poor and the needy, but AJ is one to admire for…

  • Rudey

    This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  • Emma

    On a non-bag related note – does anyone know what sunglasses those are?

  • angelle

    I LOVE IT that is too cute,she does those kids right :lol:

  • ilona dubbeldam

    is that cute or is that cute :razz: i’m getting mommy’s version tomorrow at valentino…i loooooooooooooove angie!

  • rr

    This is just too cute. People, maybe this is just a one off thing. If you’ve seen Angie and her kids in other photos she doesn’t dress them in designer get ups. In fact, they seem to wear hand-me-downs from each other sometimes. Zahara has been wearing the same brown sandals for almost a year now. I too am annoyed when people spoil their kids with material things but in this case I really don’t see the need for an objection as I do believe it’s just a minor indulgence on their part.

  • Jen B

    Prince Diana did goodwill work and she still dressed nicely and wore expensive clothing. No one critized her for that. So, why is everyone critizing Angelina Jolie for carrying a expensive bag. Just because you are doing goodwill work to help children of third world country, that doesn’t mean you should dress like you shop from K-mart. If AJ wanted a matchy matchy mother daughter purse, that’s her business. She earned it. I think it’s adorable; furthermore, I bet Valentino made it for Zahara and it wasn’t at the request of Angelina. Valentino is smart for marketing this idea through AJ and Z.

    I agree with rr, AJ does not dress her kids in designer get up like Tom Cruise and Katies Holmes. Little Suri wears Burberry, Armani and etc. What have Tom Cruise done for the Children of the world other than devoting his time and money torwards Scientology. You people who are annoyed by Angelina Jolie should find out what charity work has Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise or other celebs have done for others.

  • AJ

    The bags are great. I would like one, even a faux would make me happy :smile:

  • pelrdl

    Does anyone know where I can find this bag in red?

  • cheryl

    The price of that handbag could have fed Zahara’s entire village.

    Just sayin’…

  • roe

    i love this bag in both the patent black and the soft gold metallic.

  • brittany

    :smile: that is sooooooooooooo nice : :smile:

  • Zizi

    Wow, on the first picture, Z looks absolutely sad. Maybe because her mother pushed her into carrying the bag around, maybe?

    Other than that, it is absolutely gorgeous. Lucky Z :)

  • Valentino

    You people are pathetic.

    Yes, the price of that bag could have fed some of Zahara’s entire village and I am sure that Angelina has fed many villages. Please, just because a person does goodwill work for others doesn’t mean that their entire life should be consumed going around looking like them. Nonsense.

    The money that you make is primarily for yourself, if you want to share then that’s pie in the sky. Just because you make a lot of money does not mean that you should GIVE it ALL away, or not indulge yourself.

    Just Relax…Life is for the living. Don’t worry about what Angelina does, worry about what you are doing. Take your money and give it all away, and dress shabbily if you give it to the poor, or let your husband abuse you if you give it to battered women’s causes, or contract AIDS if you give it to the Aids epidemic cause, ec. etc., (you get the point)

    As I said before, relax and live to the fullest.

  • sherrie marland

    zarah is sooo lucky she makes me want to be angelina’s daughter

  • Jess

    This is the exact same thing if sons dress exactly like their father in a matching suit. It’s cute who cares. Ya she got it for free and thought it was cute so they wore so they could match! I’m sure everybody on this would do the same thing! Stop hating!

  • Emma

    OMG it’s a gift for Zahara. This picture was taken at around the time Zaraha needed surgery. It was likely a gift for Zahara to be happy and not worry. It’s like a mom and daughter having matching dresses or enjoying a handbag together. Angelina works for the UN supporting the less fortunate and is it such a sin for her to reward herself and make her daughter happy by giving her a matching bag to hers? It also might have been a free gift from Valentino. I personally think it’s adorable.
    And my apologies to the people who said what i just said.

  • yvonne

    that is so stupid. poor child…like she even cares or knows. It`s kinda eww….

  • sbnm

    Gorgeous bag! Gorgeous mom and kid too…

  • Jennie From TX

    I love love love this bag. I had the honor to acturally work with it when it came out. The leather is supple the bag is to die for what an eye turner….you should see it in patient red(finger prints show up all over the bag tho)! This is a it statment piece bag…I think that a little girl of that age won’t appreciate at a bag like that but when you angela j.l. child I guess spare the rod spoil the child but it is cute even in a mini size which was made excusively for her.

  • Megan

    I don’t think this is a case of Angelina forcing her kid to wear the bag because it looks cute, I think it’s the same scenario my mom has with my little sister. She’s 3 and she loves my Luella Giselle, she loves the feel of it and she loves the color that she carries it with her everywhere around the house (until I take it off her!) My mom wanted to buy her a little one to carry around, but obviously the price and the lack of one existed prevented this. I know if we had enough money to do this, my little sister would be thrilled! She loves fashion even now and wants to be grown up and stylish like mommy and big sister :)

  • teresa

    Yes, it is fun to enjoy clothing and accessories. But, I too feel that if you talk the talk, you should walk the walk….on poverty. I personally, would never make such a purchase. There are so many people suffering in this world…to spend such an amount on a handbag to me is a sin, not to mention a rip off. Items are only worth what materialistic people (many with low self esteem/or hoping to establish their status in the world by what they adorn themselves with) It is sad how people get so sucked into this. A designer purse costs only a few dollars at the most to make in China. So why are people stupid enough to pay thousands.????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Whether you can afford it, it is given to you, you are being scammed.

  • ms.t

    so sad

  • JT

    That poor girl… I honestly feel very sorry for her. She’s never going to be able to have any semblance of a normal life, with that megafreak of a mother. She’d have been so much better off living a normal and simple life in Ethiopia. These people like Angelina Jolie have no right to play God and totally change the course of someone’s life, just so that they can appear to be politically ultracorrect and to boost their own ego and fame. Disgusting!

    • Jm

      She didn’t even have parents in Ethiopia are you fucking dumb?? That little girl along with her other adopted children are the luckiest in the world to be adopted by angelina and brad. It’s not like she’s a kris Jenner who will whore them off on reality television. They do have a chance at a normal life now, because of them

  • Lovelyn

    Even GOD supports helping the less priviledged, so let jolie keep up the good work, cos GOD loves cheerful givers the bible says. Lovelyn, nigeria.