Well, there is no denying it, Summer is on its way out and Fall is on its way in. Living in South Florida, we are still dealing with scorching temperatures, but in other places I am sure the temperatures are beginning to fall which means it is time to bring out your Fall wardrobe. And when you think fall, you think warm, rich, cozy colors and materials. This fall, suede is supposed to be huge. I actually like suede, but am a little wary because I hate the idea of spilling something and then having to clean it up. Either way, I have been keeping an eye out for suede handbags in order to figure out if I should add one to my collection or not.

As I was browsing some of the newer suede handbags, I came across the Valentino Cassis Couture Bag. I am relatively speechless. Although much it is a much different material, I feel the use of suede is in a way like velvet; less is more. No, I don’t want a velvet handbag, but hopefully you see where I am going with this. I would prefer the Valentino Cassis Couture Bag without the suede being woven into a structured silhouette and definitely without the braided handles. To me, the bag looks way too “busy”. The color is rich and bright, but there is just too much of it. Even if you did try to pull this off, you would have to wear a *very* basic outfit because any other flare would being nothing but overwhelming to the eye. The bag is accented with golden hardware which should stand out more, but frankly, it doesn’t. For me, the bag is a no-go. Although my search for a suede bag continues, you can buy this bag through Saks for $1,895.00.

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