I have been in the midst of moving mayhem, where looking pretty is near impossible. But I took a break to shop online (what else is new), and found the most ladylike feminine handbag Valentino has yet to release. This bag combines elegant structure that is always welcomed along with a twist of fun with the leopard print.

My brain is frazzled with all sorts of moving on my mind but I want to buy the Valentino Aphrodite Leopard Bag. Never mind the fact that this is the price of a nice leather couch, I want to sit on the ground in our new apartment and keep this bag next to me. Then I would tell everyone how lovely she is. Because really, she is gorgeous!

Their of course is a Valentino signature large bow accent on the front. The body features dyed, stenciled calf hair. And to finish off this structured beauty is a top flap and and top handle. I truly do not own many structured bags, but I desperately want to own this one. Couch or bag? My heart says bag… and so does my brain. Luckily my other half will explain our need for couches. But that will not change my want for this bag. Buy via Neiman Marcus for $2,795.

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  • Jen

    She’s lovely! Valentino did a nice job on the print.

  • An4

    Amanda already covered it in July!

    the bow color is still bugging me :/ it just doesn’t work for me.

  • Karin bag4bag

    That might be a sign that you should buy the couch !

  • Babe Phat

    it makes me hungry

  • Musette

    Couch. The bow is a weird color and the bow looks kinda tacked on there.



    • We totally bought the couch!!!

      • Jelita78

        oh thanks god!
        was about to tell u the same! hehe.. (ipad)

  • Nee

    yep, the bow is just a little off, but the rest of the bag is wonderful!

  • bowers

    Yank that bow.

  • edoardo

    Inguardabile!! this bag is so ugly…i’m asking how valentino maison can have made this??


  • Handbag Lover

    That bow is horrible. No thanks :( as Jay Z says “On to the Next One”.

  • Lori

    I love this bag. I think it’s so pretty and feminine.

  • Saa’iybah

    Lovely lovely lovely!! and more lovely :D

  • mochababe73

    I love the shape, silhouette, and pattern. The bow and leather piece at the top of the bag brings it down to cheap looking status. And, that strap looks chintzy. I can really see it digging into my arm.

  • Christine

    This bag is stunning!!!

  • raw


  • Staci

    Megs, the bag is gorgeous! I would be torn too but I guess the couch is more important. Congrats again on the big move to NYC! I know you will take the city by storm!

  • Samantha

    It’s positively fabulous …… so stylish and just so lovely….. I want it :(

  • Maggie

    I think it would look better without the bow… (ipad)

  • Ellen

    I think that it is very nice looking. I might like it better without the bow, but then it wouldn’t be Valentino. (ipad)

  • myrna

    BOUGHT IT!! It is lux……..and it wouldn’t be Valentino without the bow, the strap is super comfortable since it is tapered and black patent leather, so it will be durable. The calf skin….amazingly soft to the touch and can be worn over the shoulder or forearm. And in defense of those who thought the color and strap were less than perfect,cheap or otherwise…the photo above does not do it justice. It must be seen and touched to be admired for the lovely high fashion couture styling….so if you see it, you will become a believer…I am sure of it!!!!!! I LOVE IT…obviously…I bought both, the bag and the couch.

  • myrna

    BOUGHT IT. It is lux. Amazing, you must see it in person. The photo does not do it justice! If you get a chance to see it you will become a believer, I am sure of it! :)