One of the hottest handbag trends right now is studded detailing. I know that this is nothing new to the fashion world, rather it is a trend that tends to go in and out of style often. The studs we are seeing as of late are a bit different, more refined and subdued, and often being used as shoulder strap accents. This is precisely the look for less I am bringing to you today: the accented shoulder strap bag.

While the Tory Burch Louisa Shoulder Bag does not technically have a studded accents on the shoulder strap, it does have a deco chain and leather strap. On the other hand, the Valentino Rock Stud Shoulder Bag is all about the studs on the shoulder strap. I know so many of you were sick of the over-studding, but both of these bags offer a touch of tough with a glam overall appearance.

The major difference between the two bags is evident however. The Valentino bag features a much more structured shape with a very demure appearance. When I look at the Valentino bag, I can easily see a business woman use this accessory to amp up her wardrobe. The Tory Burch bag is much more casual. The shoulder strap is not studded, rather features a chain/leather combination. The body of the bag has a flap top closure versus the open top Valentino showcases. When it comes down to it, these two bags have some similarities but I believe they bring two very different feels and would be worn by two very different people. Which accented shoulder strap bag do you prefer?

Buy the Tory Burch Louisa Shoulder Bag via Neiman Marcus for $425 and buy the Valentino Rock Stud Shoulder Bag via Neiman Marcus for $1,595.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Lulugurl

    I prefer the Valentino hands down…Guess I just have expensive taste!

  • mermaid2

    Definitely the valentino!

  • Chris

    Valentino. Definitely.
    Not that I can afford it…. but that was not the question, right? :-)

  • Alana

    Actually the Valentino is too structured for me, I like the Tory Burch!

  • Allison

    Maybe it’s the california girl in me but I love the Tory Burch! It just looks so soft and lush!

  • Rashida

    I like the Tory Burch better, the strap and the shape of the bag…

  • ninjaninja

    I really like the alternative look.

  • Karin bag4bag

    I always think that flap top closures are sometimes annoying to get things in and out of quickly, but I still like them if it is not a wear everyday bag. But then again I hate open top bags as I feel that I might lose everything out of it !

    I think the closure of a bag is a very important element in choosing a bag.

    I prefer the Tory Burch shoulder strap – it is a bit different to what I have seen before. I do love the structure of the Valentino though.
    I would happily buy the Tory Burch based on price and looks.

  • MizzJ

    It would be interesting to have people vote on the purses, and *then* reveal their brand. Anyways, I prefer the TB strap, but the shape and structure of the Valentino!

    • We can try that – but I think most PurseBloggers are rather skilled at knowing which is which! Let me try next time though, great idea!

  • 19yearslater

    I like the Tory Burch. I prefer slouchy handbags and it has a little of that going on. If it comes in another color I love it.

  • alice

    No way. This Valentino is wonderful, innovative, never seen before…Tori Burch (who is her? Outside USA nobody knows her…).
    Please her bag is old, already seen million times. Valentino is Valentino…

  • Demi

    I actually like the Tory Burch purse!!! The Valentino looks to structured and boxy in my opinion…
    Oh, and I live in Europe – Tory Burch is known in Europe.

  • Babs

    The Tory Burch is not in the same league with the Valentino.

    I don’t think the styles are comparable either, since the leather choice and silhouette of the bags is completely different.

  • Cathy Fitz

    I love the Tory Burch. I could see myself carrying that 100%. The Valentino is too structured, and just not my style.