Cameron Diaz sporting Loli Bag Well look no further. I myself loved the bag LC carried throughout MTV’s hit show Laguna Beach and realized that bag is quite the growing trend. A newly growing company is making this same hobo style bag, Lolli by Reincarnation, which runs upwards of $300 plus dollars for that totally trendy and practical bag.

Stars such as Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen Twins have been seen sporting the newly trendy Lolli bag. The perks to this bag are the plethora of colors offered that can suit any girls needs for any outfit, but the price is a bit high. Starting at $300 for the medium bag and running up over $1500 for the bag made of Ostrich leather, the Loli bag may not be in everybody’s price range.

Have no fear, there is a way you can grab the same style for a quarter of the price, and nobody has to know. LC from Laguna Beach did this, and pulled off the bag quite nicely. A hobo style ring bag made by MELIE BIANCO is taking the same trend as the stars but costs between $50 and $65. So quickly girls, go steal either style, whichever suits your budget, and grab the hottest trend of the season.

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  • billyjoe

    it’s cute and the color is awesome

  • candace

    Does anyone know who makes the tear drop chandelier earrings Lauren wears on the Valentine episode?

  • Chelsea

    On the 2nd season of Laguna Beach, LC carries around a big gold matellic hand bag.. does anytone know where i could find that?

  • allie

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  • Julia

    Melie Bianco still sells that gorgeous “Laguna Beach hobo bag”. Melie Bianco was a young company when Lauren Conrad wore that white hobo bag on the MTV reality show but since the exposure on MTV the company has moved to a larger location twice. Meanwhile “LC” has her own reality show on MTV “The Hills”. I’m addicted to reality shows and Melie Bianco’s Designer handbags. My favorite place to shop for Melie Bianco purses is I love Ecrater, I could shop there for hours!

  • Wendles

    yea i agree deff a keeper guys ship sum of this to vermont please we need more stlyes.

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  • Pearl

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  • Naggy

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  • KY

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