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There are multiple trends we will be seeing in Spring 2010 Handbags and we plan to give you a glimpse at many of them. Last we told you about perforated leather bags making a huge comeback, and now it is time for denim to make a statement.

Denim is entirely ordinary when it comes to jeans, but is not widely used when it comes to bags and shoes. For Spring 2010 expect handbags and shoes that are either made of denim or the color blue will be directly reminiscent of denim.

Spring Trend Denim Bags

The best of the bunch is Lanvin. Lanvin continues to wow us with their elegant lady-like designs. Mix the sophisticated chic feel of the Lanvin Denim Amalia Shoulder Bag with the downtown cool vibe of the Lanvin Denim Sneakers and we have a winning pair.

While Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, and Botkier actually implement denim on their designs, other designers are sticking in the denim blue color family. These are safer, less trendy options that will not go out of style.

Below are our picks for the denim trend, all available at Bergdorf Goodman:

  • Lanvin Denim Sneakers | $530
  • Valentino Denim Petal Hobo | $1195
  • Miu Miu Denim Pocket Tote | $1150
  • Alexander McQueen Cutout Zip Pump | $795
  • Lanvin Denim Amalia Shoulder bag | $1675
  • Prada Crackle Leather NS Tote | $1695
  • Dolce & Gabbana Miss Martini Jeweled Clutch | $1295
  • Prada Tessuto + Calf Tote | $950
  • Botkier Trigger Moto Convertible Bag, Washed Denim | $295
  • Valentino Denim 360 Hobo | $895

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  • rae

    I don’t get it.

  • dstar84

    Haven’t we already gone down this road not too long ago? Beware of people wearing mixed jean with jeans. Ugh!

  • mochababe73

    I hate denim bags. That’s all I have to say.

  • gpc

    I won’t be on the denim bandwagon….

  • Alana

    A bunch of those bags are just blue leather, so I can be in on that trend

  • Paulina

    I am not paying more than $25 for a bag made out of denim. $25 might be pushing it.

  • MizzJ

    Hmm I’m not too sure about paying super high prices for denim, although I already do for jeans… oh crap.

  • BrittanyAnn

    just. no.

  • Cynthia

    There are no words to effectively describe how wrong this trend is for anyone above the age of 15!

  • Erin

    I actually like Botkier’s denim looking James Leather Hobo.


    The denim is already mainstream fashion is now reigns supreme in all the accessories.

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  • otter

    I LOVE this trend.

  • Catherine Fossati

    There must be some trend research you can subscribe to to take the safe path of following the trend ‘prediction’. Denim might be more successful than the bright neon colors of the last two springs.

    I like denim but I like my bag to stand out, dress up my denim, not blend in.

  • melissa

    Ewww there is NOTHING luxurious about denim. Seriously, who wants to see denim on a pricey handbag? The only denim bags I’ve ever been able to even tolerate are LV and I still don’t agree with their price point. Save your money and buy yourself a quality pair of denim jeans. They will certainly last longer than this fad!

  • Bigfootdiva

    Looks like many shoe designers are following the denim trend for 2010., a blog catering to the big-footed community posted some pics of denim styles available at Neiman Marcus for spring/summer 2010.

  • Handbag Lover

    No thanks!

  • Sammy

    Don’t like it :S

  • Elyse

    i will say this over and over and over again: denim belongs on my legs – not hanging off of my arm (fb)

  • friska ristyane

    i like denim`s bag…..
    how can i get it……????


    Spring 2010 handbag trend denim.. Awful :)