When veritable trend-machine Fendi announced it would be rolling out a la carte embellished shoulder straps with prices exceeding $1,000, the writing was already on the wall; Valentino joined in with its own straps a few months later, and then it was off to the races. Straps may be the last uncharted territory in bag-embellishment, but the brands have finally arrived.

You’ll find exotics, intricate weaves and vintage guitar strap-style embroidery on the straps of otherwise plain-leather bags, which is a solid way for a brand to take a design that’s popular with customers and update it for a new season without altering the design elements that have already made the bag popular. This spring has also brought about a resurgence in striped webbing, likely a result of Gucci‘s hit-making success in incorporating its signature multicolored webbing in popular new designs.

For now, the nascent trend is largely limited to premier designer brands, which makes a certain amount of sense; detail-heavy embellishments quickly raise the price of manufacturing a bag, which is easier for a customer at the market’s top price tier to afford than it would be for a customer shopping for more modestly priced bags. If consumers respond, though, expect contemporary brands to find a way into the trend.

Altuzarra Ghianda Bullwhip Shoulder Bag
$2,995 via Barneys


Anya Hindmarch Ebury Featherweight Small Tote
$1,450 via Barneys


Coach Colorblock Python Shoulder Bag
$995 via Coach


Fendi Strap You Whipstitched Strap
$900 via Bergdorf Goodman


Gucci Lady Web Bag
$1,650 via Gucci


Loewe V Bucket Bag
$1,550 via Barneys


Marc Jacobs Pretty Young Thing Saddle Bag
$695 via Neiman Marcus


Mayle Ines Shoulder Bag
$895 via Barneys


MCM Milla Large Tote
$1,100 via Neiman Marcus


Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Tote
$2,990 via Net-a-Porter


The Row Drum 10 Bag
$2,950 via Barneys


Valentino Rockstud Shoulder Bag
$3,995 via Bergdorf Goodman


Valentino Rolling Rockstud Small Bag
$3,445 via Neiman Marcus

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6 years ago

I’d love to find a long embellished strap for my Celine Nano, any suggestions?

6 years ago

Well….knock me down and blow me over. That Coach bag with python strap is gorgeous.

6 years ago

Great idea and I would consider buying a strap – just a question of price. BV sells women’s leather belts for $520. Why charge $1000 for a bag strap?

6 years ago
Reply to  Sparky

Because bag straps are in fashion. Now’s the time to cash in on the trend…

6 years ago
Reply to  Sparky

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6 years ago

The (fabric) strap gives to the bag a sporty line so it is not indicated for elegant bags (often used for travel bags). Moreover it does not add anything to the bag. The colorful one can be an idea when you wear a pair of jeans nothing more, so to me completely unnecessary. 1000 $? I would not pay 10 or 100 for them.

6 years ago

You can get a customised strap (if you’re into that kinda thing) (I’m not) (yet) (wait ’til the trend blows over and find me wanting one) from just about any small business that makes guitar straps. And for a fraction of the cost of Fendi and Valentino…just ask for the strap attachments to be replaced with a clasp.

Liz McNguyen
Liz McNguyen
6 years ago

I find Rebecca minkoff just comes out with a lot of nice strap like that@ under $100 only. Will go get one to update for my purses

Kristen Robin
6 years ago

Prada is also doing some really cute statement straps too. I saw Chiara Ferragni with one on IG.

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