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  • FashionableLena

    The Ferragamo bag is very cool. I wish that I could use the bucket bag because I love the look. For me, it’s just not functional. I feel like my stuff is in a trash bag.

    • L.O.

      Noooo not a trash bag. Don’t say that. I agree that the Ferragamo bag is nice.

      • notforme

        $2,250 for a bucket bag? Kidding me! And cutouts are very difficult to clean – imagine all the dust it will collect over the years. How would you clean it? Nope.

      • FashionableLena

        Since all handbags get dusty, I am assuming that you would clean it the same way that you would clean any other bag.

      • notforme

        Sorry, I don’t know how to clean deep inside the cutouts. Do you have a special tool to reach inside them? Mini vacuum or something? Or perhaps you assume that if somebody can afford to pay $2,250 for a bucket, she can also afford a special cleaning. Right?

      • Christofle

        It’s called a microfiber cloth and if properly stored in a dust bag, there shouldn’t be any dust problem in the first place. But this may be a more significant problem for smokers and those that don’t clean their houses.

      • notforme

        Microfiber cloth? Where? I thought it’s a leather bag with cutouts which are holes, no? There are 6 of them on the front. They can easily collect stuff when you’re carrying the bag, never mind the dustbag. So, how would you clean inside of those cutouts? Very confusing – and all for the small price of $2,250. Ha!

      • Christofle

        You simply insert the cloth between the cutouts to remove the dust. As for the price? Something is only worth what you are willing to pay for it.

      • notforme

        Sorry, still not following you :-( You mean using microfiber cloth to clean inside? The point is it’s difficult to reach deep inside to properly clean it to remove the stuff that could get inside. Not just dust, but crumbs, change coins, whatever… Beyond unpractical, I think. But it’s just me.

      • phlox

        Can you flip the bag inside out?

      • FashionableLena

        Q-tip maybe. Not sure where you’re going with this line of questioning. What’s with the hostility? It’s a handbag and not that serious.

        Personally, I’ve never spent anymore than $500 for any handbag. I love the secondhand market. However, if my $100 needed a special cleaning then I would do it. Not sure how the cost of a handbag has any relation to how one cares for their purchase.

    • Helene Gardner Kaufman

      I generally shy away from them too because of that, but I myself put things in 3 or 4 cute make up bags to separate (I have put my pens,tylenol, blotting sheets, e-cigarette and hair clips in a Marc Jacobs that was meant for make up) and then throwing the rest of the stuff in. It really helps and you don’t have to search too much,

  • Faiza

    I don’t understand the bucket bag craze, but for those out there who own one do you have any problem with the drawstrings? To me it seems with regular use and repeated opening and closing the drawstring will get damaged easily.

    • I keep my MG bucket bags tied all the time at sort of a medium-open level because opening and closing it is the only part of the bag I don’t like. I have a friend who uses a drawstring backpack from another brand who’s had to have the string repaired, though.

      • Faiza

        I guess it’s best then if the bag has a magnetic closure. Then you wouldn’t need to play around with the drawstrings.

    • rcmv

      They don’t get damaged, they simply get easier over time thru wear. I have the LV from the 80’s, still going strong, had the shoulder strap repaired once. These bags will never go completely out of style. Love them all.

  • stelam

    Stella McCartney VINYL bucket for $1,650 is a shameful ripoff! The chain will soon tarnish, turn black and start ripping the holes that are not even grommeted. Vegan… Anything for a buck. How sad!

  • Sandy

    Are my eyes deceiving me or did I just inadvertently miss the Mansur Gavriel bag that should be on this list? I do not understand the popularity of this bag but it is sold out everywhere and has been for a while. I personally love the Saint Laurent bucket bag more than any …the Givenchy looks promising.

  • Zina

    Tory Burch in saffiano leather for only $525 – wonderful! Elegant style and beautiful quality <3

  • Smithy

    I love bucket bags and I think this classic style will never really go totally out of favor.

    Love the Petits bag…..just adorable (minus the childish pom pom)

    The MCM is actually a cute bag (I’ve never been an admirer of anything from this brand)

    I agree with another poster above…Stella McCartney bags that are not leather at over $1000 are just ridiculous. I could never justify spending that much on a non-leather item.

    Tom Ford bucket logo placement is just awful.

    I just ordered a bucket bag from PB0110, thanks to this site for turning me on to this brand. I can’t wait to receive it.

  • Lisa

    I have tried on the Gucci bag in the store (although not in the python) and I have to say it has ALMOST turned me onto the bucket bag. Absolutely dream bag!

  • Wilma

    Bucket bags are just great bags, no wonder they are still hot for fall. I bought the very reasonably priced Dooney & Bourke Sienna in summery yellow and I love it. Perhaps I will need the delicious Gucci Miss Bamboo this fall–what a gorgeous bag.

  • phlox

    I am no fan of bucket bags*, but I gotta admit that putting a hard, substantial handle (like bamboo, or the statement leather on the Chloe Gala) improves them immensely. Definitely anchors the form and lessens the “am I just putting everything into a garbage bag” effect.

    *that being said, damn you, Tom Ford, for making a bucket bag that’s actually covetable. Never say never, I guess.

  • Passerine

    I’m not a huge fan of bucket bags. I thought I was a few years ago and bought a beautiful Lancel Premier Flirt in a deep, deep forest green moc-croc finish, but in the end it wasn’t that practical not all that comfortable to wear (and, at 800 euros in 2009, I expected a bag made in France, not China). However, some of these are attractive and I might re-think. Too bad that Net-a-porter says the Chloe bag is already sold out and not expected to become available again. The Gucci bag is pretty nifty, although I’m not into python and it doesn’t have a zipped pocket inside. The Ferragamo bag looks great in the photo here, but when I clicked on the link and looked at the model carrying it…just…no. Too weird. She looked she had an armadillor or maybe a louvered shutter clinging to her hip. The Tom Ford bag is great but the strap is too flimsy. I think it would dig into your shoulder if you carried it fully loaded. The Alexander Wang looks easiest to wear and most practical.

  • jenjent

    I know he gets no love, but where is the Michael Kors Miranda Messenger (which is really a bucket)?????

  • DaisyFields

    I like Gucci Bucket in pebbled leather.

  • Jdii Mughal

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  • hheh

    My fellow purse lovers ..

    I found this beauty at Old Navy for $40: https://instagram.com/p/6Lc7mfJv31/?taken-by=haileehhelizabeth

    It’s the first non-designer bag I’ve bought in forever. I can’t get over how well made it looks. I wasn’t sure if I was 100% ready to buy a MG bag, so this is perfect for me for the time being.

    It comes in a dark green and black colour!

  • Lenora

    That Ferragamo is sexy.