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  • Sandra

    I find it very interesting that the Givenchy Antigona is not on this list. This bag was impossible to find in black for months (and coveted in many other colors) …and it is still difficult. I see picture after picture of this bag on models, celebrities, and fashionable women everywhere. (I will say that this post is coming through on my computer in a very weird way and perhaps I missed that picture?)

    • We actually talked about adding the Antigona and went back and forth about it – partially because it was a huge hit in 2012 too. Looks like it def deserves a spot :)

      • Lyn

        I agree, it was a hit in 2012 and need not necessarily be in this list.

    • Personally, I was really disappointed with what Givenchy did with the Antigona in 2013. It seemed like a much bigger deal in 2012 to me, with Givenchy, inexplicably, trying to push the Lucrezia, despite the fact that it should have been trying to push the Antigona over the edge into total It Bag-dom. And I didn’t notice as much of a dearth of Antigonas, I was able to link to them in-stock at Bergdorfs every time I wanted to except maybe once or twice.

      It was definitely beloved by celebs, but it still feels like a bit of a missed opportunity for Givenchy to me.

  • John

    Where is the Givenchy Antigona on your list? If you think of the biggest bags of 2013, Antigona was definitely a front runner. The Louis Vuitton W bag didn’t really make the same impact.

    • I looked at this as not so much about gross sales or popularity, but bags that were important to the industry. The W (which I personally hate) was among Vuitton’s first feeble attempts to modernize its accessories business, which I felt made it quite notable, if not objectively good.

  • Gitil

    What about Saint Laurent duffle 6 or 12? Hello?

  • electra007

    I agree with Sandra! First thing when I Think of one of the biggest bags of 2013 was Givenchy Antigona!!!

  • Kate

    Agreed, the Antigona is missing from this list! I also think the Celine Luggage & Phantom totes deserved just as much of a place as the Trapeze did. Like the Antigona, the Luggage & Phantom were still constantly appearing in photographs of celebrities & fashionistas everywhere! The waiting lists & struggle to obtain desired leather/colour combos don’t show any signs of abating just yet.

  • Mya

    Givenchy Antigona, Celine Luggage and Phantom, hello?????????!!!!!!!

    • Rebecca Chan

      Celine’s Luggage tote is a gorgeous bag, but it wasn’t “big” in 2013, it just remained steadily popular.

  • Lea Picciolo

    I bought the Coach Bourough bag recently. I love the look and the color of the bag–it is a teal/green. It will be great for Spring into Summer. I need a scarf to accompany it. Coach made the right move with that bag!

  • Cary

    Ps11 proenza
    Jason wu daphne

  • Cynic

    So are these the bags you got for free or were paid to advertise?

  • Lorraigne

    Agreed with almost everyone, Givenchy Antigona is missing!!!

  • Elle

    Givenchy Antigona!

  • PS

    Tod’s Signature ones are great as well!!!

  • Rebecca Chan

    I have the MK Selma bag and I love it, and I also am looking to get the Miranda as well. I initially wasn’t too keen on the Chanel Boy bag, but the more I see it, the more beautiful I think it is, especially in the darker leathers–it maintains the classic look of Chanel, but with an edgier, fresher twist.

  • mybagyard

    Very good

  • Maream

    Pity that pashli by phillip lim is not in: big fan

  • Jenny

    I Agree, The Givenchy Antigona should be on it, and the Celine luggage (in any size) deserves the spot as much as the trapeze did. if not more.

    however I think the Chanel boy is THE BIGGEST of 2013 and is #1 and I think it will continue for 2014