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  • Sofia

    Great compilation! I love the Chloe Emma in slide 5- so unique!
    For a wallet friendly casual option the Zara suede bucket bag with tassel which comes in a gorgeous burnt orange or Velvety black are terrific. They are quite spacious for every day use too. At $70-80 it’s a price you can’t beat for a trial run for the bucket shape before committing to a more luxurious option.

  • Passerine

    The Valentino is my favorite, I like this bag so much more than the whole outdated (IMO) rockstud bag line. But it would have been nice to include a Lancel bucket bag. Their Premier Flirt was one of the true bucket-bag trendsetters and shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s still a good bag in this genre (but note: despite its made-in-France price tag, the bags are made in China).

    • Passerine

      Sorry, I meant to provide the link to the 2015 Premier Flirt collection.

      I bought mine in 2011 in a wonderful dark, dark green mock croc that can look black in some light, charcoal in others, but always with dark forest green undertones. The photo below is the current mock croc version in noir; the dark green is no longer available.

      • Guest

        Their NEO-Elsa bucket is also really cute. Hoping to pick one up in the summer from Paris. Do they gave any stores in USA?

      • Imgoingbroke

        Passerine, that’s a nice bucket bag. I especially like the pocket int he front. Very nice.

  • Stina Sias

    I just don’t get bucket bags, the leather and colors are beautiful but I like a lot more structure!

  • Cbl

    The mulberry Kensington is really cute, it should totally be on this list!

  • FashionableLena

    I like the Gucci, Ivanka Trump, and Valentino because they don’t have that typical bucket shape.
    I’m not jumping on this trend train. I own 3 that I bought a year ago, and I’ve come to realize that this shape doesn’t work for me. Two are vintage Coach so I’m keeping those because I collect their vintage bags. I prefer a little structure and the East-West design.

  • Abbi

    Nothing will beat the Noe in my opinion

  • SunnyQ

    I would have said I didn’t like this bucket bag trend until I realized one of my favorite handbags is a modified gold leather bucket.

    That being said, I’m not in love with any of these. So enjoy, they just don’t make me that interested.

  • Dylan Propst

    I actually prefer The Row’s version to the original MG.

    • Smithy

      Anything from The Row……love all their bags.

  • maria handoko

    My eyes are for dannijo thalia.. it’s simple, little bit ethnic yet modern, and feels relax. It’s exactly a bucket bag means for me..

  • Smithy

    Some of these are cute….but not for me. I jumped on the bandwagon when Mansur Gavriel was first written up in the NY Post. I waited anxiously for my bucket bag and small tote. I was sorely disappointed and immediately sold them on eBay. To each their own.

  • Imgoingbroke

    I like most, hate two (D&B, Moschino) and LOVE four (The Row, Tod’s, Karen Walker and Baggu). I’m going to have to breakdown and carry a bucket bag. I’ve always shied away from them because I carry so much stuff in my bags and buckets aren’t practical for me. But I sure love the look of them.

  • Razel Miranda

    Love all the bags! been dying to try bucket bag. thebaginvestigator.com

  • Boyish Chaiwiwatskul

    For these prices, I prefer to Jaychewin bucket bag. Cheap and cheerful does exist.