luggage Today I will be in the airport again, this time flying to Madrid, Spain. This trip is sans-Vlad and sans-work (hopefully!). My brother is doing a study abroad program and my mom and I will be sight-seeing with him for a week and a half before he gets started. First of all, I regret never doing a study abroad. The whole athletics thing clashed with being able to up and leave for more than two weeks a year, no joke. This is why after my swimming career ended, my traveling career began. My problem is always packing. Over-packers-anonymous? HERE!

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I have this issue with thinking that I am packing oh-so-light this time around and my bag always weighs a ton. Worse, my carry on luggage and purse are super heavy. I stuff every imaginable thing in my carry-on’s. I plan for the ridiculous unexpected. Like a scarf. I take a scarf on the plane in case, I don’t know, an arctic chill takes over the cabin. And don’t even ask to see what food I pack, but for this, I have an excuse. You see my list of food allergies is endless, you never want to go out to eat with me, because the waiter inevitably must ask the Chef to come speak with me and it makes for a tedious process to order a meal. So I pack food galore. And then there are the things to keep me occupied, and let’s face it, I loose interest easily. So when it comes down to it, I pack meals-on-wheels, 50 outfits for 10 days, and every single thing imaginable for any possible curve. The picture in this post is from our last trip to NYC, where we were there for 6 days. Yes, 6 days and all of that luggage. I used my Rebecca Minkoff Wine Matinee as my carry on purse, which has ample pockets to carry all of my needs, and stuffed my Samsonite carry on with 8 bajillion magazines, notes, computer equipment, etc.

Can any of you relate to me, or am I the lone ranger in admitting my horrible over-packing problem?

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  • The worst part is: *I* am usually the one schlepping around her overweight luggage when we travel together. :!:

  • longchamp

    Your luggage looks brand new!!!

  • Michelle

    I recently used my RM Morning After as a purse and carry on. It was perfect. I had all my normal junk plus was able to throw in a sweater, pair of socks and reading material. FABULOUS!!

  • samsmom1127

    I don’t use expensive or fancy luggage, because it gets so beat up. I look for sturdy and very light-weight. Currently, I use Ricardo Beverly Hills Del Mar Lite pieces.

    My first two trips to Europe I overpacked horribly (at least horribly to me, I’m clearly not in your league, Megs! I checked two pieces of luggage and carried one on.) I didn’t use half the stuff, and felt terribly unsophisticated, awkward and overwhemlmed in the airport. Since then, I’ve gotten better and better. On my most recent trip to Paris for 6 days in March, I took a 21″ roll-aboard that I chose to check but could have carried on, a carry on that slips over the handle of the suitcase and fits under the seat, and a large Hayden Harnett purse. As you can see, I’ve come a long way, baby!

  • Damierlover

    Just got back…carried my Dameir Speedy 30 with a Mono Keepall 45…perfect… :lol:

  • Roxana

    I seem to fit everything in one suitcase and a large carryon. Only problem, I use every square centimeter! Result: very very heavy :???: That and my doggy as my handluggage is a daily workout, usually resulting in soar arms and neck the next day :roll:
    But oh well, at least I always bring what I need and then some!
    So no, you’re not alone and it’s good we bring our SO’s on most of our trips :lol:

  • mette

    I really don´t travel much and take very little stuff along,but still return home just to realize that I had packed too much along. I´ve noticed that actually I manage with very little. I´d love the idea of a large handbag and a smaller one for some extras,especially good shoes for walking. If I´d need something, I´d buy it abroad. Taking along expensive jewels is risky, I´d take along only the ones I wear full time.

  • janis

    Make sure it has wheels! I, too don’t carry really expensive luggage. I am afraid it targets you for theft. I actually just got a huge D&B tote and used it for a recent San Francisco trip.(I did not fly) It is super light and colorful and has a large shoulder strap. For longer trips, I use wheeled pieces that can be checked…too much hassle with security to carry on.

  • Susanvon

    Just back from a week in Euorpe, able to visit 6 Hermes stores and my Tumi 24″ was great. Able to expand and did not rip or tear. Also MOMA makes a great carry on that you can stuff with all your VAT refund articles. Tumi makes a great one also but it is not a shoulder style.

  • Ce

    I gave up suitcases. When the airlines changed their check-in weight limit recently, I decided to use backpack. That way I can get to carry as many as I need!! But I won’t bringing 50 outfits for 10 days. LOL! I usually start listing & thinking about what I’ll wear 2 weeks ahead. Do some mix & match with my clothes. Just like those you see from the magazines. haha.. It’s quite fun to do. Humm…I just think of 1 thing. Maybe I should use my DC to capture each outfit for each day in advance. Then I won’t got mix up. haha…

  • lily j.

    I carry my Chanel GST as a handbag and my Longchamp tote for all my other junk that I insist I need for the flight.

  • applecandy

    I used to overpack, but now I’ve made it my mission to take only one carryon suitcase and a large handbag no matter how long the trip. I try to only bring one tote for daytime that goes with every outfit and one clutch for night. For shoes I try to only bring pairs that match multiple outfits. Tolietries are the hardest b/c of the new FDA regulations, but I can usually make it work!

  • gucci fan

    I always over pack but somehow seem to forget things too.

  • Kaytey

    For carry on, I use my Foley + Corinna Jet-Setter in electric blue. I organise everything in it into Ziplock bags or other such things. I use the big, rolling luggage containers too.
    I travel with a toddler, so there’s no such thing as “packing more than you need,” because you inevitably will need everything.

    • Lenora

      I’m a compulsive overpacker and the restrictions on liquids don’t help! I share your comment about packing for a toddler. That is always a challenge. I actually just found a children’s verison of the Clear Bag System (which I’ve carried myself quite a few times with no hassle in airports)that my son just loves – I love it too because I don’t have to keep using ziplock baggies which always seem to break and never hold enough. No matter how secure I try to make it.

  • Be Careful

    i went to Madrid and had my luggage stolen on the way back. Don’t pack anything too precious.

  • ahertz

    It’s all about layers, Megs! (And a scarf is totally necessary on every plane ride). Good luck and have a great trip!

  • Barb

    I am SO guilty of overpacking!! Maybe not as much as Megs but I always have a few pieces unworn on the return trip. Because I used to grossly overpack ( see I CAN relate Megs) I got nailed with an overage charge a few years back. That is truly painful, losing any money you may have saved by booking early. Now I worry and mail back Most of what we buy while traveling. This last trip I mailed back a bag of dirty clothes since I had bought 3 pairs of shoes which I wanted in my bag and my DH was overweight but not me!! :twisted:

  • angelina

    I am in the same over-packing class as Megs… recently took a 4 day trip to LA and packed 2 huge suitcases that weighed in at just under 50lbs each (the limit). Barely used any of it, of course. What I’m worried about now is the new airline rule of charging for a second checked bag. I’ll have to end up shipping stuff to my destination I guess.

  • my new bag

    I always carry on what I cannot afford to lose. Which also means those
    things I can’t live without at my destination..meds, make-up, jewelry,undies
    cashmere wrap, one clean top, and good purse/shoe.

    The rest, expensive or not could always be bought until luggage is found, or if not,
    temporarily replaced.

    So a wheeled dcarry on, Tote for a purse, one check in bag.
    I would like to think I could pack less and wear the same thing day after day, but I always like
    to wear certain clothing in foreign places doing the not usual. How fun is that.
    part of travel is being somewhere and a little someone else.
    thanks as always for your blog.

  • StyleScrybe

    Now that we’re no longer allowed to lock our luggage, I find a way to fit EVERYTHING into a small rollerboard and totebag, no matter how long my trip will be. I’ve taken week-long trips and have managed to bring at least 5 pairs of high-heeled pumps, 4 pairs of jeans and probably 10 tops, not to mention what I bought while there. Plus, I never leave home without my laptop.

  • Christy

    I travel with my swiss army luggage and as a carry on I use My Balenciaga! It carrys everything!

  • Elizabeth

    Here’s how to be glam and light! Culled from years of travel, here’s my system! Enjoy!

  • Jahpson

    if there is anything that i hate, is overpacking! god!! lol

    I like to have two+ checked in suitcases and ONE carryon!!

    I hate traveling with my friends and family sometimes because they know that I dont travel with alot so they want me to walk with their stuff as well. :???: not fun

  • Hermesmonkey

    I am always a light packer. Unless I am moving for good, I only pack a carry on roller, which I can fit 1 weeks clothing. I manage that by only having 1 pair of sandals, one pair of heels. It’s the shoes that kill me. If I am going for a longer period, I will ususally ship my luggage. Yes, I am on the deep end here, but I HATE waiting for luggage…and with golf clubs in tow, it’s even WORSE! Makes my life easier.

    As for carryon, I never take a handheld only bag, unless I am going for a short weekend. If a longer trip, I will take a bag with a shoulder strap. I also always have my trusty old Herve Chapelier bag folded in my roller….just in’s just big enough to carry a good haul from a nice local boutique in my visiting city!!

  • Balthus

    I use an Eagle Creek black 22″ roller bag that is usully stuffed to the gills. They are sold at REI, etc. Not expensive but sturdy & long-lasting & good compartments. I usually put a Chanel flap inside with jewelry. Plus I whatever purse I am taking in a “larger” tote that constitutes as my 2nd bag & goes under the seat. That has my ipod, bose headphones,cashmere shawl, book, mags, etc. I refuse whenever possible to check luggage.

    When we do travel longer I also use larger pieces of Eagle Creek and if going on vacation where shipping is hard or difficult leave room for shopping!

  • F

    I use Swiss Army Victorinox Werks 2.0, the computer bag and the 22″ carry on. I put my handbag inside the computer bag (which is completely open on the inside) and put all of my electronics and toiletries in as well. The 22″ has a garment bag fold-out section, and plenty of room for 9 days of clothes. The reason I am so particular about using the Werks 2.0 is that the pieces have an ergonomic gel handle that turns at 90 degrees, so that you don’t strain your arm/shoulder/neck by pulling the luggage (guaranteed to make for miserable travel).

    Any annoyance of having to re-wear clothes is more than cancelled out by not having to waste time (often up to an hour each way!) waiting for luggage to come off the carousel, and also not having more than I can carry when getting on trains, or having to run the endless stairs (that seem to be unavoidable in Europe) with three bulky bags.

    If I buy things, it’s always easy to find a cheap duffle bag for $5 – 10 to redistribute my items in, and then I check that on the way back.

  • Tami

    I use my gorgeous French Leather Handbag/Backpack from
    Bink Handbags..

  • katkooty

    I am Queen Bee of overpacking and exceeding every weight limit possible. On a recent trip to Singapore (and it isnt even a shopping city, well not like Paris), i left with 40kgs. My husband left before me back to the UAE so i gave him a 20kilo suitcase to “ease the weight”. BUT, on my flight home, my total luggage weight was 70kgs and i am only one person! no kids nothing. Even though i was traveling on first class, they only permit 60kgs so i had to pay extra as if the ticket wasnt expensive enough!

    For luggage, i love Brics to be honest(although they dont really last). Samsonites are too heavy even when empty so they jack up the weight of your luggage at the weigh-ins.

  • karry kasim

    oh my that is alot of luggage for 6 days!! i dont carry anything glamourous when i travel, i bought a few years ago a set of kipling luggage, not cheap, but sooooo lite weight and holds alot! i love it…as far as carry on, i have a prada nylon tote that i adore, again light weight, no leather for me when i travel…i also have some other kipling bags that are great for travel, cant beat them, i have 5 year old twins, so i need to be organized and nothing should be too heavy….most of my bags i can wear cross body so i have my hands free..

  • Elle

    I just to pack a lotttt……Trying to preview every situation (cold, rain, etc). It proved totally right travelling to Canary Islands, were spring time weather was to be expected and we got lightwinter, so everyone was dressing with summer like clothing and winter sweaters¡¡¡Since having my baby, I have learned my lesson but travel much less ;-)

  • Elle

    I used to pack a lotttt……Trying to preview every situation (cold, rain, etc). It proved totally right travelling to Canary Islands, were spring time weather was to be expected and we got lightwinter, so everyone was dressing with summer like clothing and winter sweaters¡¡¡Since having my baby, I have learned my lesson but travel much less ;-)

  • Msjean

    The only time I’ve ever packed that much luggage was for a 2 month trip abroad. Anything 2 wks or less fits into one small wheeled carry on and a tote bag.

  • nvie

    I always pack half full and come back with a full luggage! There’s always things to buy. I use Samsonite, various sizes, love their durability. I tend to overpack a little, those just-in-case items! :grin: Always remember luggages with wheels, even carry ons…it helps alot!

  • mulligan

    are you allowed to take a small shoulder bag as well as the 22″ carry on?

  • herrik william

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