luggage Today I will be in the airport again, this time flying to Madrid, Spain. This trip is sans-Vlad and sans-work (hopefully!). My brother is doing a study abroad program and my mom and I will be sight-seeing with him for a week and a half before he gets started. First of all, I regret never doing a study abroad. The whole athletics thing clashed with being able to up and leave for more than two weeks a year, no joke. This is why after my swimming career ended, my traveling career began. My problem is always packing. Over-packers-anonymous? HERE!

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I have this issue with thinking that I am packing oh-so-light this time around and my bag always weighs a ton. Worse, my carry on luggage and purse are super heavy. I stuff every imaginable thing in my carry-on’s. I plan for the ridiculous unexpected. Like a scarf. I take a scarf on the plane in case, I don’t know, an arctic chill takes over the cabin. And don’t even ask to see what food I pack, but for this, I have an excuse. You see my list of food allergies is endless, you never want to go out to eat with me, because the waiter inevitably must ask the Chef to come speak with me and it makes for a tedious process to order a meal. So I pack food galore. And then there are the things to keep me occupied, and let’s face it, I loose interest easily. So when it comes down to it, I pack meals-on-wheels, 50 outfits for 10 days, and every single thing imaginable for any possible curve. The picture in this post is from our last trip to NYC, where we were there for 6 days. Yes, 6 days and all of that luggage. I used my Rebecca Minkoff Wine Matinee as my carry on purse, which has ample pockets to carry all of my needs, and stuffed my Samsonite carry on with 8 bajillion magazines, notes, computer equipment, etc.

Can any of you relate to me, or am I the lone ranger in admitting my horrible over-packing problem?

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