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  • Emily

    I need a good travel bag that could also be used for client meetings, and that Balenciaga looks perfect, but can it fit on one’s shoulder? The straps look short and a little too thin for that sort of use.

    • Safa

      Balenciaga is best fit for what you have in mind! The perfect all-function bag and lasts a lifetime…go ahead with the purchase…good luck :)

    • laura

      I own the Balenciaga A4 without the zippers and it’s a great quality tote, love the leather and it’s super light but, honestly, I don’t recommend it for traveling. It doesn’t stand up unless it’s completely full, which makes it too heavy, and the straps are not long enough. I prefer the Neverfull or the Saint Laurent tote.

  • katrina

    Surprised to see that the trusty LOngchamp pliage tote didn’t make the cut :(
    In addition to being the most visible designer tote at any given airport, it’s indestructible, lightweight, weather resistant, roomy and stylish. Not to mention under $200. Can’t beat that!

  • jackie

    Nothing like a Longchamp, I say!

    • lili22

      I know, agree!

  • Saf

    I don’t think the Longchamp makes the cut of “traveling like a star”

    • Katy ;P

      There are quite a lot of celebs who carry it. Even A listers like Amy Adams, not to mention royals like Kate Midddleton.

    • lili22

      In Europe, it’s actually the choice of many old monied royals, from various countries. But in the states, it is probably too understated, not obvious enough… I prefer the leather variety, much better wear and tear :)

  • Sparky

    Guessing celebs don’t need zippers because they fly 1st class in some kind of VIP fast-track. Their bags aren’t getting stuffed into the overhead along with baby bags and backpacks! I prefer a zippered bag but I’ll still check out some of the ones in this post.

  • heartpurse

    The Liberty London Marlborough Tote is knocking off Goyard with no shame…

    • seresy

      Actually, Liberty’s been using that pattern since they designed it in the 20s. So it may be the other way around…

      • heartpurse

        Goyard dates from the mid 1800’s and has been using the iconic chevron pattern since the 19th century by Edmond Goyard.

  • Justice J. Srisuk

    Sigh. This list would’ve been perfect for my trip a week ago. Hrm. What if… I buy a new tote, then plan a whole another vacation just so I can use said tote? Is that excessive? Didn’t think so…

  • Lucy Watson

    the lanvin and the tod’s look SO similar….

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    The Balenciaga A4 in red is really something to look at. Tod’s is nice, too. The rest kind of yawn worthy.