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As if we ever expected anything less from superstylist and brand new mommy Rachel Zoe. That’s eleven suitcases and two Louis Vuitton bags, for those of you who are keeping score at home. At first, this seemed like an outrageous amount of luggage when we saw the photo on Fashionista, but is it really? Let’s do the math. (Also, take note: These are real suitcases, not fancy, flashy kind. Real travelers know when the utilitarian luggage is warranted.)

We can see Rachel’s husband Rodger in the picture, so that’s two people who we know are there. Based on our dedicated viewing of The Rachel Zoe Project, we know that at least one of Rachel’s assistants probably traveled with her (Our guess? Joey.), and it wouldn’t surprise me if the couple had also brought their brand new baby. So that’s four people (even if one of them’s an infant – Skyler still counts!) who are spending a week or more overseas, and it’s for what basically amounts to a fashion trade show. That requires lots of different hair and makeup looks, particularly for someone as high-profile as Rachel.

So that’s two suitcases per person with an extra (for shoes, natch.), which doesn’t sound so completely outrageous as it does when you think they’re all for Rachel. But maybe they are all for her, and Rodger’s sad, lonely Samsonite is trailing along behind him, too low behind a mountain of black luggage for us to see. I’m merely impressed that anyone owns that many suitcases – here I am, whining about finding storage space for two. And on top of all that, I don’t even want to contemplate the baggage fees.

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  • mochababe73

    That’s a little ridiculous and over-the-top.
    But…I love it!
    I know that Rachel is probably not hurting for money. However, between baggage fees and the cost of plane tickets, it may have been more economical and easier to charter a private plane. This couldn’t have come cheap.

  • Musette

    I would consider this a business expense. When we go out on shoots, the cost to haul equipment etc is outrageous! But it must be done. This is her ‘business’ – it’s not like she can show up in the same LBD every night. It would be different if she were just going to visit her mother for the weekend or something.

    Still and all, it has a vaguely hysterical look to it, doesn’t it?


  • Lorie

    Looks like it would have been easier to Fed-Ex or UPS them.

  • Amy

    The first thing I noticed is that they’re all workhorse bags & not a bunch of monograms. While I can appreciate the luxury of a pile of LVs, anyone who travels regularly knows how much abuse a bag endures & will likely go with something that will cause less heartache if it’s scratched/worn. Or maybe that’s just me?

  • ottercat

    I agree Amy. No vanity bags for checked luggage. Now — carryon is another story!

    • Amy


  • connor

    You can see roger has another LV rolling suitcase behind the cart! Crazy

  • 318Platinum

    LOL, this is actually a LOT less than I expected for Mrs. Zoe! I am more than sure she will acquire some new pieces while in Paris as well. With the new 7,000 sq. Ft. home they moved into, I am sure she has PLENTY of storage room for these bags. All I can say is that it must be nice to have 11 luggage bags ALL filled with designer frocks and accessories!! ;-P

  • Chris

    Sometimes I wonder if they have any savings….she strikes me as someone who spends just as much as she makes, ha. Back on topic, I’m surprised there’s not MORE luggage – considering there’s at least 3 adults (rach, rodge, joey) and a baby. Of course Rachel can’t be caught dead wearing anything more than once while she’s there, and of course the same case for her baby!

    • mochababe73

      I agree as well. I can’t believe that she and Rodger are renting their house at a cost of $20,000 a month. It seems as though they should be able to buy a home.

      • Amy

        I’m actually not that surprised about renting – isn’t that sort of an LA thing? Besides, it’s not like a house is really that great of an investment but they could buy a heckuva nice house for $20k/mo. I’m guessing it’s all a business write off or something…

  • Jackie

    If I were in RZ’s position and had the means, there’s no doubt I would do it too. I like my options! I’m sure can’t be alone on this. And I hope RZ wear’s things more than once because it would hurt to know if she doesn’t… it sucks to find out when celebrities don’t act human.

  • rose60610

    Now I don’t feel so bad about returning from a trip without wearing everything I packed.

  • 19yearslater

    She must have thought it was fashion year.

  • MsLabelsofLust

    I would have loved to be on a flight with her and she mistakes my luggage with hers and I end up with her suitcase filled with all those divine shoes..hopefully she wears a size10…*fingers crossed*

  • Lorie

    You know, if I had her wardrobe and her money, shoot – I’d take three times that much with me everywhere!

  • Jeanie

    if she’s traveling with her newborn, she had to pack a car seat and a stroller, at least one each. so there go down two black monsters!

  • kathryn

    I love that she isn’t carrying a bunch of monograms. one is ok but a whole pile is asking for someone to rob you.
    sometimes I wish I can take 10 bags with me when I vacation, especially if it will be a long time