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As if we ever expected anything less from superstylist and brand new mommy Rachel Zoe. That’s eleven suitcases and two Louis Vuitton bags, for those of you who are keeping score at home. At first, this seemed like an outrageous amount of luggage when we saw the photo on Fashionista, but is it really? Let’s do the math. (Also, take note: These are real suitcases, not fancy, flashy kind. Real travelers know when the utilitarian luggage is warranted.)

We can see Rachel’s husband Rodger in the picture, so that’s two people who we know are there. Based on our dedicated viewing of The Rachel Zoe Project, we know that at least one of Rachel’s assistants probably traveled with her (Our guess? Joey.), and it wouldn’t surprise me if the couple had also brought their brand new baby. So that’s four people (even if one of them’s an infant – Skyler still counts!) who are spending a week or more overseas, and it’s for what basically amounts to a fashion trade show. That requires lots of different hair and makeup looks, particularly for someone as high-profile as Rachel.

So that’s two suitcases per person with an extra (for shoes, natch.), which doesn’t sound so completely outrageous as it does when you think they’re all for Rachel. But maybe they are all for her, and Rodger’s sad, lonely Samsonite is trailing along behind him, too low behind a mountain of black luggage for us to see. I’m merely impressed that anyone owns that many suitcases – here I am, whining about finding storage space for two. And on top of all that, I don’t even want to contemplate the baggage fees.

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