As I continue to read the endless Twitter details of all my friends’ summer vacations (and then see the inescapable pictures on Facebook afterward), I can’t help but turn my attentions to travel. I still make due with the same black Samsonsite suitcase that accompanied me on my first jaunts to New York City, Boston and Chicago as a teenager, but surely there are more interesting (and expensive) options out there for a traveler who wants the best suitcase on the luggage carousel.

With that curiosity in mind, we’ve picked some options for your perusal from Louis Vuitton to Bottega Veneta, spanning a price range from $500 to $50,000 (yes, that’s the correct number of zeros) for a suitcase. Let us know which one you like best and what your current luggage of choice in the comments.

The Louis Vuitton Pégase 55 is probably one of the more well-known luxury suitcases on today’s market, and Vuitton is one of the first brands that customers think of when designer luggage is mentioned. Many people opt for the less expensive monogram canvas, but that has always struck me as a sure way to get your luggage snatched at the airport. The more discreet Epi leather version would be my personal choice. Buy through for $3230.

Whether you love or hate Prada nylon, you have to admit that the material is a fairly sensible travel choice. The Prada Nylon Wheel-Away Trolley Case is probably too expensive when compared to most nylon (or leather) luggage, but if you want the logo and have the extra cash, Prada is more than willing to provide it. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $2035.

The Tumi Medium Trip Packing Case maybe not be a “designer” suitcase in the same way that the others on this list are, but I think that the brand and this type of luggage are worthy of a mention. On my first-ever plane ride when I was a kid, I remember seeing a guy with a briefcase made out of this material and thinking that it was the coolest and most awesome thing I had every seen. The material makes the suitcase look like it contains nuclear secrets, even if the only thing inside is your sweatpants. Buy through Saks for $495.

For a logo-covered suitcase, the Gucci GG Coated Fabric Trolley is probably as discreet as it gets. Still, I imagine that the same thing would happen to this case as certainly befalls loads of Louis Vuitton luggage every year: mysterious disappearance during baggage handling. Buy through Saks for $2350.

If you’ve ever needed something to justify the cost of a Vuitton leather suitcase, we’ve got just the thing: the Valextra Small Trolley Case. This suitcase, which is small enough to use as a carry-on, will set you back over seven grand. For that, you could have two of the Vuitton Epi suitcases at the top of this list, plus enough left over to buy a handbag. Buy through Barneys for $7450.

And now for something to make the Valextra suitcase seem reasonable: the Bottega Veneta Nero Soft Alligator Suitcase will set you back as much as a new BMW, but your manservant sure will look sharp while carrying it to your private plane. Buy through Bottega Veneta for $53,500.

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  • bentos

    these are gorgeous lugguages, but if you’ll ask me, i’l go for prada and bottega, they are my most favorite bag brands. expensive but glamorous.

  • Cara

    Rimowa !

    • Tina

      Rimowa cant be called as a “sansonite” valise.
      It is expensive .it costs not the same as a Bottega but its still considered as an expensive suitcase.
      Oh, my all indivuduals that take flights all around the word could pack their things in fancys Rimowas….haha

  • bentos

    guys, i know this is not the right area to post this inquiry i have. but i hope some kind hearted person will help me out. please. guys, im a huge prada tessuto nylon bag fan. i usually buy the black onse, i just like to know from you. how can i effectively clean a black nylon bag with a leather lining with it? please help me, i usually seell mine if it seems 2 years. but i love this messenger bag. can you please help me out? can i just wash the whole bag in a dishpan filled with cold water and a mild soap? i worry about the leather part. please help me!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re going to get much better and more accurate answers if you post that in the Prada section of our forum. It’s down for maintenance at the moment, but when it gets back up soon, those ladies will be able to give you great advice!

  • Mary

    I hate to say it, but because I am always afraid of my luggage “walking off”, I carry Vera Bradley. :)

    • Don’t feel bad, I have a blue Vera Bradley large duffel that I use as my carry-on whenever I take a trip (or as my main luggage if it’s a car trip). I’ve had it since my sophomore year at college and the only downside is that it’s not waterproof. I flew from Denver to Atlanta on the day that all liquids were first banned from planes and I had all of my makeup with me when I had flown to Denver originally, so I was escorted out of the security line to check it – I had completely failed to realize that makeup would count as liquid and they had just announced the restrictions a few hours earlier with few details, and I didn’t want to throw it all out.

      Well, it was raining in Atlanta when we landed, and my bag sat on a baggage cart in the rain for a while when they were unloading the cargo hold. Everything inside was fine, if a little wet, but it was not fun carrying a soggy bag back through the enormous Atlanta airport. Other than that, my Vera Bradley bag was cheap and has been very, very durable.

      Even if it looks like a giant potholder.

      • Mary

        Ha-I never even thought about it not being waterproof, but it is bulletproof! I’ve had a lot of luggage fall apart but this stuff seems to be made of Teflon. Lol.

        Making note to keep my VB luggage carry on only!

  • twiggers

    I’m honestly just fine with my Samsonite. I’m sorry, but luggage gets beat up (things out of your control) and I’d die if I spent thousands on luggage to have it destroyed. And honestly, when you buy luggage you are looking for durability. I’d love to see an elephant destroy a Louis Vuitton (it’s a video on you tube comparing luggage brands)…it probably wouldn’t take long!

    For me, I’d rather take that money and use it for the actual vacation!

  • qudz14

    i would love the gucci suitcase if i could afford it, but for now, my samsonite and american tourister bags do the job and come back to me in one peice (seriously, no matter whats in it, theyre quite beat up looking so i cant imagine anyone wanting those bags lol). i would so much rather spend the money on a bag, or if i really wanted a luxury travel piece, id get a carry on, so i could keep my eyes on it at all times.

  • Staci

    Amanda, my favorite is the Gucci GG Coated Fabric Trolley. The design is sleek and subtle. I’d definitely try to check it so it doesn’t mysteriously disappear!

  • Mochababe73

    I love the red LV, the Tumi, and the Valextra. I have been looking for some new luggage, but I am extremely hesitant on spending this much money for something that will be tossed around. However, it’s nice to dream!

  • 19yearslater

    I don’t travel enough to merit designer luggage and when I do I don’t take especially good care of my suitcase. Besides, I’d rather get a new bag and a wallet (or for the price of that BV move to NYC rather than just visit)

  • irene

    I’m still looking for that Marc Jacobs travel suitcase but never found it!

  • Jen

    As it is, I already feel kind of silly getting out of my Jeep carrying my Chanel or Bottega. So, if on a flight I carried anything more expensive than my trusty Patagonia luggage, I would feel obligated to fly first class, and I, as a rule, refuse to pay for first-class. I know I would look askance at anyone who had $50,000+ luggage and then squished themselves into coach or flew next to me on cheapo Southwest.

  • angela

    You must be introduced to the German brand Rimowa. Those who own it know they’re part of an elite class of travelers who know what luggage is all about.

    • Lea

      You’ve said it all

  • nvie

    I travel with Samsonite. I would not pay for a designer luxury luggage to be abused by the airport baggage handlers. I would rather spend the money on handbags.

  • Bagolicious

    They’re OK, but I’ll just stick with my Vuitton, monogram, Bisten hard-sided suitcase, monogram, hard-sided Triomphe suitcase, and Keepalls which I bought in the late 80s in Europe. They still look brilliant and have traveled tens of thousands of miles. That’s what luggage covers are for. I had brown, canvas suitcase covers made for them at my local luggage store back when I first bought them.

    I’ll also stick with my huge collection of Kipling suitcases and other Kipling pieces since as far as I’m concerned, for reasonably priced luggage, it doesn’t get any better than Kipling. I’ve bought it since the 80s.

    I’ve been absolutely mad about luggage since a very young child, and although I own lots of different brands, it’s the hard-sided, Vuitton, monogram and the Kiplings that win out.

  • merve

    I would love to have the lifestyle that would allow my servant to carry my 50k BV onto my private plane but as i dont and i travel a lot any other 2-5k luggage would just get trashed and its not worth it. Maybe an LV carry on in the future.

  • LV-nowwhat

    I have this Tumi in black. I like that it has 4 wheels and moves upright. It does get banged up alott. I use this and an LV keepall 55 with strap.

  • KC

    I travel with Rimowa. I have an LV LE Keepall, which in theory should be fine for carry-on…. but then I worry about leaving it at the hotel when I’m out!

  • iLoveLuggage

    That Prada bag is fabulous! But the Tumi bag is the best quality for the price. Their stuff really lasts. Also durable (but not waterproof like Rimowa): Briggs and Riley.

  • turboracers

    Get bags! I really like the Gucci GG Coated Fabric Trolleyt if your like me then these bags are far out of your price range. So if you are looking for great quality and great selection. I highly recommend They have great prices on all their items as well as shipping is only $2.95 for the whole order!! take a look.

  • Kyla

    All of my luggage, and my family’s luggage is from Rimowa. Rimowa luggage is extremely durable, and keeps everything inside in the same place/way you left it in, no joke. Barely any wrinkled clothes, and that alone is a winner in my book.

  • Flavadig

    I found some amazing luggage in a local boutique. It’s an Italian range called Campomaggi, the leather is really vintage/worne looking and the quality is just amazing. With the leather being so thick (which obviously luggage needs to be) I do find that they are a little on the heavy side, but well worth it.
    Prices for the weekend bags start from about £400, so the price isn’t too way out either.