I’ve never been an overwhelming fan of Tod’s. While I can see why some people would really like them, and I don’t doubt that they’re well-made, they’re usually missing a certain something that makes a bag work for me. I like a bit of pizazz in my handbags, and Tod’s keeps their look very, very low key.

I do very much like the Tod’s Shade Tote, however. It’s got that little certain something to it that makes me find it appealing, and I’m still not sure exactly what that is. The color? Shape? Maybe a combination of the two?

Tod's Shade Bag

Yep, I think it’s the combination. The color reminds me of Hermes‘s ever-popular potiron, which automatically gives the bag a super-luxe feel. It’s not exactly the same, but it conjures ideas of the same sorts of outfits in my head, and that’s enough for me.

The shape is also a bit more interesting than your average Tod’s bag, and in a way that’s quite interesting without being uncharacteristically flashy for the brand. The leather looks extremely high-quality, which beautifully completes a stylish, subtle bag that’s head and shoulders above the average offering from the brand. Buy through Saks for $1095.

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  • Florence

    I’m not a great fan of Tod’s though I must admit they are well made. The reason is perhaps they are rather too “structural” looking, lacking the feel of “free flow”?

  • birkel

    i love it because i tend to love true luxury rich leathers and basic shapes with enigmatic brand tags and in that sense its only bottega veneta hermes and tods of the brands i truly fall for so this bag divine and perfection i hope i find it soon !

  • Nicole

    I´ve got several Tod´s bags and absolutely adore them because of their perfect craftmanship and the fabulous leather. In my opinion Tod´s bags stand for a classic and timeless style, while other bags are only made for one or two seasons. Tod´s bags are pure luxury.

  • Jane

    This is the first Tod’s bag that I truly enjoy: the leather looks thick and lux, and the color is just so grown up. I could see using this bag for the rest of my life and the leather just becoming more beautiful with age.

  • mandy

    I love this bag, but then I am a Tod’s fan. I love rich, classic leathers, and their bags wear like iron. I have been stopped on the street and complimented on my Tod’s tote more than any other bag. Though low-key, they are always recognized. I’d love to add this one to my small collection!

  • tiffany

    I just got this bag a few days ago and LOVE IT. Got lots of compliments on it too.

  • Sam

    Got this bag a few days ago, but in a different color, it’s called Vachetta, a light beige, the typical Tod`s color. I love it!

  • Beth

    Just saw this bag in Blue….gorgeous!!!!

  • Adrienne zedella

    i would carry this bag around! fb

  • Robin

    Love this Tod’s bag. It’s at a good price point for me – expensive, but not ridiculously and clearly of quality. I happen to like a more structured bag, which looks better on me than many of the softer bags out there. The shape is more interesting than a boring rectangular tote and the up and down orientation is slimming next to your body. Versatile color, too.

  • popo julianto

    Love this bag, but can’t get hold of one. Jakarta & Singapore aren’t available. Hopeless now….

  • sharifah

    I bought this bag this year at KLCC and I find the bag very comfortable and the price is reasonable if you compare with the workmanship, materials and its beautiful shapes.

    • Jj

      I bought it too at klcc. Was really confused with another design… But i hope i made a right decision. Yet, im still thinking of the other bag that made me really confused.

  • Ellen

    Because Tod’s bags are so simple, I think that it is good that they put bold colors on them to make them more interesting. (ipad)

  • Osaro

    I had one that my Mom got for me I didn’t like it at first as much as my Mom’s fashion sense is off the hook but I wanted something else but when all my mates went on about how they loved the bag.I had to like it.