I got an opportunity to take a look at some handbags the other day with a friend of mine that’s in to fashion, but doesn’t WORSHIP bags the way that a lot of the ladies here do. And I realized that sometimes, it’s good to get some perspective, because without it we might miss things.

Michael Kors ID Chain Shopper

For example, I might have missed the Michael Kors ID Chain Shopper. A lot of people don’t pay much attention to Kors’ bags, and he’s had a misstep or two in the past, but I’ve seen his last season or two become much stronger and more drool-worthy. This bag I like in particular – the multi-material chain is huge and industrial, which gives the smooth, soft black leather a rocker edge without being over-the-top or over-designed. The bag is exceedingly simple while still exuding tons of attitude and style, and that’s not an easy balance to strike. The version with the all-plastic chain reminds me a bit of some recent Chanel collections, but I’ve never seen them do a chain with more than one material, and I actually like this bag better. It’s more accessible, less gimmicky, and certainly at a much better price point. Buy through Nordstrom for $995.

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  • janis

    I like Michael Kors designs and this one is no exception. I find the bags to be pretty heavy, tho.

  • Linda

    Eeeww! I’m holding out for the Olivia Harris Sac bag! If I were to go for a Michael Kors bag it would be the Jamesport hands down! Functional, stylish, very light, very soft and comfortable!

  • renee

    I have one MK and it is very heavy. I never remember the “names” of my bags, but it has braided handles. My sister calls it my S&M bag…lol.


    Great bag. I usually don’t think KOORS when I think great bag! Versace should take note! This is how you do biker chic. (and trust me, I LOVE Versace now. She does great mens clothes!)

  • MizzJ

    I love Michael Kors bags! They are just simple, modern, and chic. I’m really in love with the cobalt Astor clutch/bag with grommets but I can’t find it online! Guess I’ll just have to take the plunge and buy in store!

  • Merve

    I really think Mr Kors is one to watch. The prices are great and he is getting more and more innovative.

  • Sassy Wench

    I bought a $450 MK tote (can’t remember the name), but when I got home I compared it to my other designer totes, the quality just wasn’t there. I returned it the same day, and now I just can’t get excited by anything MK does. It looks like quality from far, but it’s far from quality…

  • Ann

    I bought a Michael Kors handbag this year as a treat to myself. It’s from the Astor line and is luggage in color. It’s a drawstring satchel. I bought it from the Michael Kors store and it was on sale. It was still way above my usual price point — but my daughter convinced me to get it for myself for my birthday. I absolutely love it!!! Yes, it’s heavy; but when I wear it, I feel like Queen of the World!!!!

  • zarle

    I have a couple of MK bags because they are functional, but they aren’t exciting. I don’t think they have the special unique and exciting quality that people have come to expect in designer bags.

  • Adrienne zedella

    Fabulous! My stuff wants to go in this bag! fb

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Very nice Bag! (fb)