Jimmy Choo Ramona Tote There is something so sultry and sexy about the color red. While red lipstick looks completely awful on me, a red bag suits me perfectly. My next red bag will be some sort of small Chanel (either 2.55 or clutch) but if you are looking for something a little bigger, more rich in color, yet still sexy, check out this Jimmy Choo. The Jimmy Choo Ramona Tote shows off a deep rouge color with gold hardware and large eyelets across the top with a thick strap threaded through. I love the laid back look of this bag, completely easy to wear everyday in a color that means business. A signature clasp on the front secures the threaded strap. My favorite lining for a bag, suede, is found on the inside and trimmed in lilac. I love my Rouge Paddington, but this oversized tote is another great option. Expensive, but sexy via Net A Porter for $2800.

Larger pic below!

Jimmy Choo Ramona Tote

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