Jimmy Choo Ramona Tote There is something so sultry and sexy about the color red. While red lipstick looks completely awful on me, a red bag suits me perfectly. My next red bag will be some sort of small Chanel (either 2.55 or clutch) but if you are looking for something a little bigger, more rich in color, yet still sexy, check out this Jimmy Choo. The Jimmy Choo Ramona Tote shows off a deep rouge color with gold hardware and large eyelets across the top with a thick strap threaded through. I love the laid back look of this bag, completely easy to wear everyday in a color that means business. A signature clasp on the front secures the threaded strap. My favorite lining for a bag, suede, is found on the inside and trimmed in lilac. I love my Rouge Paddington, but this oversized tote is another great option. Expensive, but sexy via Net A Porter for $2800.

Larger pic below!

Jimmy Choo Ramona Tote

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  • tropicalgal

    I do not understand why this bag is SOOOOO expensive. It seems utterly overpriced to me. I don’t even want it, and I find it overpriced. Who out there in TPF land craves this bag? Anyone? Talk to me about the allure of Jimmy Choo. Totally lost on me.

  • tt

    i love the Ramonas, but the fabric strap on this one looks so bulky and ugly.

    • Kathy

      I have a REAL Ramona (bought during a moment of pure self-indulgence) but I LOVE IT! The straps aren’t fabric……..they’re the same leather as the rest of the bag.

  • louislovesfendi818

    I love the Ramona soo much. One of our members (robynbenz) had a black patent romona @ the recent Minnesaot Mall of America tPF meet and i totally fell in love with it and choo.

  • nicole

    Can someone please tell me how would I be able to tell which bag is authentic and which one is the replica (Jimmy CHoo Ramona bag) – I’ve seen different prices, including advertisements and various prices on ebay, but how can I tell which one is authentic when now these days even the replicas come with a so-called “authenticity” card??
    Anyone can help? Thanks very much.

    • gladys

      honestly, the high quality replicas are exact mirror images. so if you see someone w/ this bag and won’t even examine it closely as in details, you won’t be able to find out. if the person have a very classy look even if her purse is fake, you will be deceived.

  • Medalia Meusel

    Hi to everyone! To spot a real Jimmy Choo Ramona Bag is very easy. If anyone wants to buy it, they must look inside the pockets for Cell phones. It has 2 side pockets with a clasp clousure, both engraved Jimmy Choo. It has key holder also engraved Jimmy Choo. The zip is also engraved with Jimmy Choo, however those fakes also and some fakes have engraved the key holder with Jimmy Choo, too. It has only one belt and does not have two. The lilac trim is very soft and the thread used is a special thread, soft and very silky. Usually fakes Ramona used on its lilac trim a nylon thread, harsch and not delicate. And the very most important of the tips I made are the two clasp clousure on both sides. It is very seldom to see this in Ebay auction, if it does they do have an astonomic amount. So if anyone wants to buy a real one, do buy this on a certified Jimmy Choo Shop, or if the budget is not enough just try to save your money and wait at least for a couple of months and buy a real one. Cheers everybody and goodluck!

  • hallarizona

    I did an experiment with some girlfriends. We compared bags that we bought off of the internet compared to bags we bought from dept. stores. Yea, you could really tell which bag were real and wow…owning a name brand bag is ridiculous. The rest of my money will be donated to Habit for Humanity.

  • Naggy

    The texture of that leather is eye-catching. (ipad)