Hilary Duff Folding Dylan ToteToday has started out as an early one. Have you ever woken up waaaay early and found that you couldn’t fall back asleep? Well, that was me this morning. I woke up, rolled over, gasped at the time, tried to fall back asleep and couldn’t. As I laid in bed, I did a little day (or perhaps you could say early morning) dreaming. For whatever reason, I pictured myself in a convertible driving along the coast. Top down, wind in my hair, awesome sunglasses, blaring the songs of one of my favorite bands – Postal Service, and of course an amazing bag next to me holding everything I might need for my coastal drive. So clearly, my next thought was, what bag would I carry along with me?

Hilary Duff Dylan Folding ToteWithout much thought, the perfect bag came to mind, the Dylan Folding Tote. This is the same bag Hilary Duff has been sporting all over the place lately, and I can see why. The bag is gorgeous. I love waiting to see how the Dylan transforms itself. Over the past few season, we’ve seen different versions, but one thing remained the same, Dylan is an instant hit. The Linea Pelle Dylan Folding Tote is no exception. With so many colors to choose from, I don’t know if one would be enough. Choose from washed italian leather in black, coconut (creamy white), cognac (reddish brown) and persimmon (orange). This bag is says casual and chic all at once. It’s sure to be a huge hit. Would you pick this for your costal drive? Buy through Linea Pelle for $775.

PS – You like what you see? Keep coming back throughout the month because there are still two more Linea Pelle bags we are giving away and this could be one!

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  • LDJ

    I likes it too! :)

  • LOVE this bag so much!!!!!

  • chirpy_gal

    Nice one.. i like it … seems cool !!!!!!!!! :)

  • me

    The folding bag trend can go the way of meh or it can go the way of Linea Pelle- wow! They’ve done it perfectly.

  • Barb

    LOve this but could not find it on their (L.P.’s) website.

  • Linda

    I totally disagree! When you make a bag that big, you automatically tend to put more things in it therefore making it heavy and evenutally hurting your neck and back. Too big for my taste! In fact, if you really dissect the second picture, it looks as if the bag is weighing her down and that’s why she is adjusting it ;)

  • Melody

    THis is my favorite bag from Linea Pelle. I just love the cononut color and the shape of it. I was thinking about getting one but they only have the black one for 40% off. Hopefully I will win it! *crosses fingers*

  • hazel

    I love it, I even like the huge size, it’d be perfect for those days when you need to carry a ton o crap.

  • Melody

    Oh and Postal Service is one of the best bands ever. One of my absolute favorite songs is Nothing Better

  • April

    Wow this is an awesome purse!! I love the big purse style becuase its actually useful! big is good, bigger is better! ;)

    April at CelebritySilver.com

  • Kelly


    This bag can be found here .. :)