I have a slight bias towards Pucci bags ever since I found out that Emilio Pucci apparently has some sort of graduate degree from my alma mater, The University of Georgia. I can’t remember what the degree was in, but the idea that such a fashion icon matriculated in Athens for a few years is enough to make give even his company’s non-awesome ideas the benefit of the doubt. Which is just what I did with the Emilio Pucci Alessandro Terry Bag.

Emilio Pucci Alessandro Terry Bag

I’m generally one for bold and colorful patterns anyway, which makes me a perennial Pucci fan, and the blues and purples in this one are speaking it me. It would be a great beach bag, or as an airplane carry-on, you’d always know which one was yours in the overhead bin. Flat handles mean it would be comfortable to carry and terrycloth is light as a feather. But I looked at it again, and I realized something I didn’t like: it’s a $761 beach bag. Any situation that it would be suited for would make it sandy, wet, dirty, or abused in some way, and I’m not sure that any bag that costs that much would be something I’d use for those things. And I’m also not sure if I’d pay more than $200 for a bag made out of terrycloth, if even that much. Buy through eLuxury for $761.

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  • Merve

    ooo Amanda you have so echoed my sentiments. I really like the pucci multi coloured prints. I have often seen some bags that make me think oh that would make a nice beach bag or carry on bag or weekend bag. BUT i always get deterred by their stupid prices. The best place to pick up cheap pucci bags is The Mall outside Florence in italy. Its a discount designer place and they have amazingly cheap prices especially in their pucci store.

  • KathyB

    Seems it would be just as easy and alot less expensive to stop by Bed, Bath & Beyond, pick up a couple of matching bathsheets, cut out a pattern and make your own terry cloth bag. Don’t misunderstand…the bag is fine for a beach bag, gym bag or even a child’s school bag, if you like, but for $761?? Not for me.

  • QueenMAB

    I adore the Pucci prints, but I’ll stick to the scarves.

  • SKelly

    REALLY pretty, but I’d only spend $25 or less for it.

  • gracieo

    Love the print and it would make a great beach bag , but I agree…way overpriced.


    I have to agree with the other posts – love Pucci but if using for beach/travel it is going to get thrown around and dirty. Overpriced!

  • Allison

    it is leather lined though, so i think it’s not so bad on price. if you can get it on sale, it’d be worth it.