Donna Karan Modern Pisces Soft Tote

I was rather nice to the Donna Karan Modern Aries Bag a while back and most of you that commented thought it was nice. I happen to still like that bag. It has a different appeal, it is rather simple, but the price is exorbitant. Now, Donna Karan is designed by Peter Speliopoulos, a talented former Cerruti designer, yet Donna Karan herself still contributes little subtleties or even entire new creations.

So which mastermind was behind this bag? Unfortunately, the Donna Karan Modern Pisces Soft Tote is totally simplistic, almost resembling a large potato sack. There is not much ingenuity, not much imagination, not much to this bag at all other than the hefty price tag. I am sure if I went to see the bag in person, actually felt the very soft leather, I would give a mini ooh or ahh. But for $1100 I expect more. Now if you all have been reading Purse Blog for a while, you know that I enjoy toned down bags, I enjoy the simplistic, but this really is too simplistic, even for me. I don’t doubt that the quality is great, that the leather is divine, that it would look good and have a nice slouch on my shoulder, I just can not bring myself to really liking it. So what do you think? Buy through Saks for $1,195.

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  • Merve

    Really bland and nondescript

  • JamieH

    As a Pisces, I’m insulted.

  • wgs

    just blah…unimpressed, especially for THAT price

  • Kaytey

    I think that you could buy a virtually identical bag from an indie designer for 1/10th the price. :/

  • kemilia

    Much too simple for the price.

    A long time ago, when her handbags first came out, I bought one at NM (I am no rich person–the bag was very affordable). The next season I found an almost identical Karan bag (different color) at NM and the price had doubled. Now her bags equal a mortgage/rent payment.

  • mette

    This bag looks anemic to me!

  • assi

    Right JamieH,
    as a Pisces I’m insulted too.

  • Sulty

    I truly hate, and I know that’s a strong word, the inside cord closure, it’s so flimsy and even more insulting that Donna is expecting someone to fork over THAT much for a shapeless leather diaper bag……..

  • Nee

    I thought this bag was a sample made out of burlap, you know the samples they create before they make the real bag… its outrageous, and ugly

  • Jennifer

    Another Pisces here….I’m sad thats my bag…..

  • sarah

    it reminds me of a fat slouchy woman. not attractive at all or impressive either.
    expensive+slouchy fat = rich fat slouchy woman

  • may

    I am sure loads of thought was put into constructing the bag but it is too understated for me. It lacks the oomph factor that will drive me to drop big bucks for it…

  • daisyjane

    Potato Sack — that is spot on. And the price PLEASE DONNA, GET A GRIP!

  • Sarah

    this looks so soft!!